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Chit Chat / Thermomix Café - a business idea
« on: November 18, 2015, 01:44:30 pm »
I have ideas stirring  ^^ in my head all the time. But this one is specifically about Thermomix-based business: So I am throwing it out here to see if people like the concept or see some obvious holes in it. Or even additional opportunities.

This is not my next business  :) . On the other hand, if somebody (preferably in Sydney) falls in love with it, let me know. I can help to brainstorm it in more details.

I am moving to Australia and want to know whether my Canadian TM3.1 would work in Australia. I saw a thread in the opposite direction (Australian to USA), but don't understand enough about electricity to even know if it is applicable.

I know the plugs are different, but the important thing is voltage. Does anybody have an advice on this?

The other option is to sell it and to look into buying TM5 on arrival, but that's an expensive proposition even if I get a good price here.


Not sure where/how to ask. I want to get a Thermomix demo in Sydney, Australia for a Russian-speaking audience. How would I find a consultant being able to do that?

Also, what's are the waiting periods these days for Sydney from order until delivery?

Introduce Yourself / Starting from zero, with Thermomix
« on: July 13, 2014, 01:59:57 pm »

I am a newly single (male), absolutely useless in a kitchen and hoping to change that. I am moving to Montreal (Canada) and setting my new kitchen from scratch and am 110% sure that Thermomix will be my first big purchase for it. I am hoping to start by cooking easy newbie foods with it, then graduating to learning to cook complex foods. Since I am single, I am also interesting in the bulk cooking/cooking for the freezer approach.

Given that it's a new kitchen, I would also appreciate any advice on building a kitchen around Thermomix. As in, what other tools/gadgets would I need to maximize the benefits? I guess microwave, but is there benefit in getting combo/convection microwave or even fancy super-steamer microwave. Anything else?


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