Author Topic: Recipe review - White Balsamic Reduction, CFM&Y 2nd edition, pg 15  (Read 1511 times)

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I made this yesterday, as I needed some for another recipe in the book.

I could only find a 250g bottle of White balsamic vinegar at my supermarket (the recipe asks for 500g). I decided to use 250g and just make half the recipe, as I only needed a tablespoon of it for the frozen strawberry mousse I was making.

As I was doing half the recipe I reduced the time from 30 minutes in Varoma to 20 minutes. I probably should have reduced it further, as my reduction was a little further reduced and thicker and sticker than it probably should have been.

It says there are several other recipes in the book that use this as an ingredient, so it might be handy to have on hand.

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