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I have never made Chelsea Buns before so thought I would give this recipe a whirl for the challenge.
Any easy recipe to follow. The only change I made was to heat the milk to 37c before adding the rest of the dough ingredients.
These are really really delicious.A beautiful soft texture.DH and I loved them :)
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A lovely dough to work with and the finished result is delicious.
I did change the method.I zapped the Herb Butter first in the TM bowl then put it aside.I then proceed to mix the dough as I wanted to take advantage of the lovely buttery flavours left in the TM bowl.I also kneaded the dough for 4 minutes not two.
Another thing at the start it says pre-heat your oven.But why? You have to prove your dough and seeing mine took three hours to rise in my kitchen today,I would have had the oven going for all that time :-))
It would make a good pull apart loaf too ;)
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I didn't have a jar of red peppers ( capsicums) so used a yellow jar of peppers in brine that I had in my pantry.My finished result was very sloppy.Maybe because I didn't drain the peppers or chickpeas long enough or a better result would be achieved using peppers in oil.The addition of a clove or two of Tenina's Confit Garlic would be nice.Needs a bit of tweaking to get it to the consistency I like.
DH and I enjoyed it though.

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Tips and Tricks / A recipe if your ice cream has melted.
« on: July 18, 2015, 05:28:42 pm »

This is a fabulous tasting mayonnaise.I needed to make it as its a component to making QC's Mum's Potato Salad recipe.
I didn't use macadamia oil (its very hard to get here and fiercely expensive)so used grapeseed oil instead.
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We enjoyed this very much.We loved the addition of hard boiled eggs.The only thing I would do next time is reduce the Dijon mustard and reduce the salt.

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A very simple salad. I chopped the carrots 2sec/ speed 5. Scraped down the bowl with a spatula and then gave it another 2 sec/ speed 5.
I loved it but DH thought it a bit sweet but ate it :)
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I cooked this for dinner last night using the recipe chip.
The Beef Goulash was terrific :) the beef I used came out very tender.I did leave out the caraway seeds as I'm not keen on them.
The Bread Dumplings..... awful :P Don't waste your ingredients.
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Tips and Tricks / Tip for storing your ThermoMat.
« on: May 10, 2015, 11:04:05 am »
The cardboard tube of kitchen towel is perfect for holding your silicone mats before storing them.
Can't remember where I saw this tip but find it very useful.I store mine in my kitchen drawer.

I wasn't keen on this smoothie recipe.Mine was extremely thick in texture possibly due to the inclusion of chia seeds in the ingredients.I didn't have cacao powder so used cocoa powder instead.
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A delicious smoothie that I enjoyed.The lime gives it a lovely flavour.I used Iced Gem Lettuce for the leafy greens.

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Another recipe available to make with the recipe chip.
These are lovely but expensive to make.I did cook them a little too long so were less fudgy than they should have been. :-)) They are sweet so you could reduce the amount of sugar.
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I used the recipe chip for this recipe.
A nice delicate soup with a lovely flavour.Like the Creamy Courgette soup there is an option to add  40g of "spreadable cheese" ( which I did) to the recipe.
A cheap and very easy soup to make.I'm sure I will make this again.

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