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Chit Chat / Albany Consultant
« on: December 29, 2011, 02:32:36 am »
Does anyone know a consultant in Albany WA?

This is an absolute winner. The dressing is delicious. Hungriest teenager wasn't home tonight and 3 of us still managed to clean the whole lot up :-[ :-[
Fabulous recipe Tenina - Thank you

Chit Chat / Non TMX cooking class offer in Adelaide
« on: March 19, 2011, 07:28:52 am »
Thought someone in South Australia may be interested in this.
Sams Bit on the Side           (it really is a cooking class  ;D ;D)

Welcome / Welcome to all the new members
« on: January 19, 2011, 10:43:03 pm »
I'm sorry to have to do a blanket welcome to all the new members but there seems so many that have joined in the 3 weeks I've been away.
Anyway WELCOME  :-*
We are growing so fast I had 18 pages of postings to catch up on  :o :o

Soups / Thai Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup
« on: June 02, 2010, 07:08:16 am »
Name of Recipe: Thai Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup
Number of People:4
10g EVOO
1 Medium brown onion
3cm piece ginger -peeled
1 tbs ( 10-15gm) Thai Red Curry Paste
750g Orange sweet potatoes peeled & cut in medium chunks
120g Red Lentils
600ml Water
2tsp TMX Vegetable stock concentrate
1 tbs lime juice
1 tbs fish sauce
2 tsp brown sugar
fresh coriander leaves to serve

150-200 ml Evaporated milk
1/2 tsp coconut essence


Drop onion & ginger on rotating blades & chop Sp4 5 secs
Scrape down and add EVOO & Red Curry Paste
Saute 3min 100o Speed 1
Add Sweet potato, Lentils, Vegetable stock concentrate & water
Cook 20mion 100o Speed 1 until potato & lentils are soft. (I blitzed for a few seconds at this point as we like a very smooth soup but thats a personal choice.)
Add lime juice, fish sauce & sugar and blend 3 sec speed 4
At this point you can add the additional ingredients if you wish. I found this soup to be very thick so did use the Evap milk & Essence but you could easily just add more water at the start of the cooking process. Heat at 80o speed 1 to warm through


Not sure where this originated from. It's handwritten and the page is now very tattered and stained.

members comments A very popular recipe.

Most people find this recipe very thick as VHJ indicated so they've added any of the following
extra water
more coconut milk
used less lentils
added natural yoghurt

Some have used a mixture of sweet potatoes, carrots & squash or just pumpkin instead of sweet potato.

Main Dishes / VHJ's Soy Sauce Chicken in the Varoma
« on: May 22, 2010, 04:14:51 pm »
Thermomixer your recipe reminded me of a recipe I used to make on the stovetop but hadn't thought about since getting the TMX. The ingredients are very similar so I tried it in the TMX tonight.

6 Chicken Thigh cutlets(bone in)
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup chinese cooking wine
1 cup chicken stock
100g palm sugar - or brown sugar
3 star anise
1 TBS sesame oil
I blitzed the palm sugar, added the soy sauce, wine, stock, star anise & sesame oil. Add chicken to TMX. Cooked for 25 min 90o Removed chicken to thermoserver leaving the sauce in the bowl & then cooked the sauce at varoma temp another 10min with greens steaming in the varoma. The sauce thickened a little but could have been thicker. Served it with the lovely Garlic Rice from this forum. In all not the prettiest dish but very tasty.
My recipe came from Australian Table magazine a million years ago.

members' comments

RoxyS - VHJ, I tried your version of the Soy Sauce Chicken tonight and got the thumbs up from my fussy 5 yr old DD. I gave it to her without the sauce and she said how yummy it was. My older two were also quite happy with it and I really enjoyed it too so I think this one will be on the menu again. Thanks.

It's hard to go wrong with sausage rolls and these are no exception. They are a nice change in flavour and very easy to make. I had pork & veal mince so used that instead of pork fillet and think they would work equally as well with chicken.

These were very tasty but I found the meat didn't mince very well. I had to halve the mix to be able to get it to the texture I wanted. Next time I will either use bought mince or mince the meat first then add the other ingredients. I would also recommend adding a bit of fat from the meat to help with moistness and maybe also a tomato.
Although I sound critical they were really very tasty & very easy and I will definitely make them again.

Cakes / Dairy & Nut free Muesli Slice
« on: January 24, 2010, 02:00:44 pm »

1 cup (100g) Rolled Oats
2 cups puffed rice
1/3 cup ( 55g) cup rice flour
1/2 cup (90g) castor sugar
1/2 cup(40g) Desicated coconut
1/3 cup(50g) sultanas
1/3up ( 100gm) dried apricots
1 cup ( 100g) dried apple
1/4cup (45g) vegetable oil
2 eggs
2 tablespoons honey


Preheat oven to 180o/ 160o fan forced
Line base of 3cm- deep 20cm x 30cm tin with baking paper
Place apricots & apples in   *:  and chop 10 sec speed 5 ( or until chopped to your liking) Set aside
Place oil, eggs and honey into  and mix 5 sec speed 6.
Add fruit mix, sultanas, oats, puffed rice, flour, sugar and mix 20 sec   :-:  speed 3-4 until combined.
Press into prepared tin and bake 20-30 min or until browned. Cool in tin. Store in fridge overnight before cutting.

I weighed most of the ingredients into the bowl (missed some- sorry) and they are the measurements in grams in brackets. They will need to be checked as this is the first time I have converted this recipe

Recipe adapted from Super Food Ideas

Made these for lunch today. They were very easy to make and tasted great. So good in fact that DH ate the best looking ones before I could take a photo!!
The only real tweak was to reduce the quantity of the baking soda solution. I used 50g of baking soda in about 500ml of water.
Garlic salt & Parmeson Cheese
Bacon & Cheddar cheese
 5/5 for taste & ease of making

This is my first attempt at including a photo so fingers crossed.

From Full Steam Ahead Cookbook
I've made this twice now & it got the thumbs up both times.
You could substitute whatever vegetables you have/like as long as there is cheese to bind them together.
I used some of the filling over the top of the chicken to make it ascetically more appealing to my boys and didn't steam the extra capsicum & courgettes as they wouldn't eat them.
The sauce is delicious so I served the dish with steamed rice to soak all the sauce up!  ;)

Score- 5/5

Took this to a luncheon yesterday and everyone commented on how nice it looked & tasted. Sorry no photo- (I'm hoping santa will bring me a digital camera  ;)) I served it sliced, on a bed of shredded lettuce with a few craisens scattered around.
It did look spectacular with the red of the craisens and green flecks from the spinach & parsley throughout the meat- and as with most things in the TMX was very easy to make.
I did a "basket weave" with the bacon as I though it would hold together better when removing it from the varoma.
I hadn't planned to make this for Christmas day but it is now on the list of "must haves"


PS someone else took the Warm Brie with Basil Lemon Dressing from the same book & that was fantastic.

This was delish. I only used 1 Chili but would try with 2 as per recipe next time. The cashews minced with the water made it beautifully creamy and  a 200gm tub of yoghurt would be enough to "smooth it out". Next time I will leave the cinnamon stick whole as the pieces were a bit annoying as you are eating. Or alternatively you could blitz the spices after they have sautéed.
It was a very easy & tasty dish that I will make again soon.
Score 5/5

Wasn't very spicy but very tasty & easy. I halved the recipe as I didn't have enough beans & my children aren't keen on them anyway.
I would definitely make these again and as the book suggests- also try them with other vegetables.
Taste 5/5

Very mild but tasty. I halved the quantity of the coating as I only had a half leg but even think that quantity would be enough for a full leg. It was very mild so I will double the chilli next time. You could easily use this over lamb chops & bake them.
I had some coating/marinade left over and used a bit this morning in my scrambled egg whites with spring onion & tomato. Very Nice.

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