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Mango, Coconut And Lychee Icy Poles
Well three easy steps and a delicious outcome .
I used the new Thermomix Dariole moulds which worked well .
Try to not let the Coconut and Lychee Sorbet set to much , so the Macadamia crumble presses into it , then they will not separate when eating . I used frozen mango which was fine . No icy pole sticks so just turned out on to plate , a little warm water on the outside of the Dariole moulds and a blunt knife around the edges .
Plenty of lychee juice and crumble left over .
This would be great done in a terrine mould or loaf tin , sliced for a party . The extra crumble could be served beside it . Juice could be frozen .
Truly delicious and refreshing .
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