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Chit Chat / Chicken with Campbell's condensed .....
« on: May 14, 2012, 05:57:37 am »
I used to make this a lot. Fast and easy and tasty too.
Now wondering if can be made with fast and easy (uk cookbook) mushroom soup but as a 'concentrate' with half the liquid.

Chicken joints
Onions sliced in bottom of casserole. Sweat or not according to time available.
Brown chicken jts put on top
Tin of Campbell's condensed mushroom soup on top.

Moderate oven till cooked.

Original recipe had crushed potato crisps and grated cheese on top but as a non cooked cheese eater left this out.

What do u  think, has anyone tried it? Or something similar?
Will wait til DD home as she loves this and try it on her. May have to whizz sliced mush a bit more as she is not keen on large mushroom pieces.

Love to,hear your comments.

Chit Chat / What would you take as a homemade......
« on: May 13, 2012, 08:03:51 pm »
We have been invited out to dinner in early June with people we don't really know. We are fairly new to this area and getting to know new people is fun.
 Want to take a homemade baked present as I don't drink wine and we don't want to take a bottle.
I am good at bread and baking and wondered about a tear and share garlic type loaf.

Wondered what you would bake and take?

Or I could try out Thermy with a lemon curd or onion chutney.

Suggestions please.
I have got time to practiceif it is something new.
Thx x

Chit Chat / Variations on a theme - tonight carbonara
« on: May 12, 2012, 07:02:13 pm »
I have been dying to try this recipe

Today with hubby away was the day. I'd planned to do lots of cooking and some shopping but as is the way with livestock farming the animals decided otherwise and I spent most of the day fencing....  And then the new bull ( in isolation for 30 days) was not eating or drinking. I gave him a change of food and he is eating now and will see tomorrow if we have a bigger problem. Hope not.

So I came  in to an empty house very tired and hungry and decided to put this on.

I like onion so added an onion and chopped with garlic. I also added 1T OOil and cooked 2 1/2 mins 100  ^^ while dicing 3 rashers bacon as I didn't know how much is in a tub?
chucked everything in and didn't know if MC should be on or off so did a mix of both. 2 mins before end chucked in 2 good handfuls washed baby leaf spinach and a chopped hard boiled egg as I found I had no raw eggs left!
trouble with rural living is lots of cooking is determined by what is available as no shops on the corner, even in the UK. I think mushrooms would be good.
Has anyone tried single cream? (pouring) as I'd like to reduce fat content?

Clean plate, yummy. Enough for my lunch tomorrow too.  I am allergic to Parmesan and cooked cheese so never use it, but often make bechamel take half out and cheese for DH.

So that was my variation on a theme of carbonara. What are your variations?

Chit Chat / Recipe app for iPad?
« on: May 12, 2012, 08:38:00 am »
Hello again.
Next question...... There is so much knowledge in here, it is wonderful.

For my iPad best recipe app. I think someone mentioned paprika?

I need to start putting them in some sort of order.....

Thanks so much in advance

Chit Chat / Cook book question
« on: May 11, 2012, 10:04:56 pm »
Hi from the uk.

Is the fast and easy UK standard issue Thermy cookbook the same as the Aussie EDC one?

I have seen mention of beet root salad in the forum but I don't think it is in my book?

Thx in advance

Cakes / Best stamped biscuit recipe help required please
« on: May 11, 2012, 09:55:37 pm »
Please can you help?
I am new from the Uk and have been using this forum while waiting to,join.

I need help to find the BEST recipe possible for stamped cookies, please. the stamp says 'homemade'.

Have tried the custard powder ones from here, with cornflour, they were quite good. Then tried Beatties recipe from here and they spread too much and lost the letters. Tasted good though. Think the egg made them spread.

it's fun experimenting and the family get to eat a lot of cookies but some suggestions from the wonderful Bakers on here would be great. Thanks

Introduce Yourself / Hello at last from UK
« on: May 11, 2012, 09:43:50 pm »
BIg thanks to MM and Brooke after a lot of emails I have finally arrived to announce myself from the UK. ;)
I was stuck in the door for a while enjoying thetips and recipes.
So great to meet such a community of real good cooks. ;D

I am Droverjess, a farmers wife from the Uk. Always cooked and baked. Learnt about  *: about 4 yrs ago, only just found the money in staged credit card payments, interest free. So glad I did.

I have had my Thermy about 3 weeks and had quite a few adventures already.... Amazing soups, salads, cookies ( more on that later) and even some disasters....
Drowned Thermy with no seal in the lid oops, got chocolate on the ceiling thanks to chookwomans chocolate delight... Delicious but dangerous, think I need to change my method.

I have had failed mayonnaise from UK standard recipe book. Need help for a whole egg mayo if there is such a thing please?

Plus need a good cookie recipe for using my homemade stamp on. have made custard ones from the forum but with cornflour and they were good. Then tried Beatties recipe from forum, good cookies but think egg means they spread too much and loose shape. So ideas please for thebest stamped cookies possible.

Shall enjoying sharing it with you all.
pls excuse any typos as I have an iPad with strange predictive text!

Have managed to adapt one or 2 recipes and will try to post IDC. hubby away tmro for a night so may get some more experimenting and writing up done then.

thanks to everyone for a most wonderful resource....
DJ x

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