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Made this from her website as my daughter was getting a cold. I didn't realise how long it took to make chicken stock (I used the minimum 3 hour method) and didn't wait for it to cool as had no time. The chicken just fell off the bone after this so easy to cut up for soup.

This soup is too spicy for little ones but just right for me and hubby (using one red chilli with half seeds kept in). Such a lovely, warming Asian flavour to it - perfect for winter! The fresh stuff added at the end gives it an extra spice too which might be too much for some.

Will upload photo soon but will definitely make again. This time I will make the stock a day ahead.

I have never made the minestrone soup and couldn't find a review of it on here (from the original EDC book)  but luckily someone noted the changes on this forum (in another thread) so I made it according to that. Lovely soup for winter and I will be making it again. Unfortunately my two toddler daughters barely touched it but I think that is due to one getting her molars and the other being a little unwell. 

Yum! Yum! Yum! Why has no one ever told me how good these taste??!!

This is my first attempt at meringues. I usually have an aversion to meringues and pavlovas and that kind of stuff and I could never understand why there were so popular......I think I understand now! Must've just had bad experiences.

I followed the instructions exactly. I almost skipped the part about doing a vinegar water clean first but since I had to bring some leftover egg whites to room temperature.....I thought I may as well. The only reason I made this recipe is because I had leftover egg whites and cream from making portugese custard tarts. I had 5 leftover and worked it out that 3 egg whites must equal about 100g. I'm not sure what meringues are meant to look like if they're good or if they've failed but these tasted delicious so I'm assuming they worked out!

I didn't make the blueberry sauce recommended but rather just heated up blueberries and maple syrup quickly in a small frypan.

So all up it takes at least 2.5 hours to make these. Oh and I used caster sugar instead of grinding up raw sugar too.

Definitely worth making. If you serve 6 they make rather large servings and I had two of these so I'm feeling very stuffed and kinda regret having the second now. Anyway, here is a photo:

Linked CC

Yes Greek meatballs are great but I haven't yet worked out how to make them as good as the ones I've tasted. And usually when Greeks have parties there is always plenty of food!!

Ok so I was looking for a late night snack and since you commented about what cold meatballs were like...I thought I'd choose to have them. And my verdict....still nice cold. Prune taste doesn't seem to come through as much but can taste pine nuts etc.

I can't really say I had them cold. Also not sure if I would make these again due to all the different ingredients needed but if I do, I will bake them next time as less messy, you don't have to stand overt them and they taste just as lovely that way.

So I made these yesterday - fried most and baked a few to see the difference. Thanks for the advice EmeraldSue - it was perfect! I did have to make a few adjustments as I went along. Firstly I would suggest to cut the lamb up in 2cm pieces (not sure if people would do this anyway). Mine didn't mince up well and had lots of large chunks. I was thinking I should've partially frozen it but it was too late for that so I divided the already cut up mixture in thirds and blitzed each portion again for about 3 seconds. Much better results but more of a pasty mince, if that makes sense.

It also says to chop the cheese (I used danish feta as it's soft), garlic spring onions, prunes and rosemary together but I found a whole clove of garlic after doing that. I would do the garlic, spring onions and rosemary first (I had prechopped the rosemary) then add the cheese and prunes later and chop.

Finally when you mix all the ingredients together I find the cheese mixture tends to stay at the bottom so had to scrape down and mix again on Speed 3 to get it all the combine.

It smelt divine by the end of this mixing process and just as nice when cooking in the oven. I think I preferred the taste of the them from the oven but the fried ones were great too but didn't look as good as the ones in the photo in the book. I used regular plain flour to coat and rice bran oil to fry in.

They are a lovely light meatball. I found mine held together very well so I think JD probably didn't use the right cheese and that's why they fell apart. I'm not sure if I like the prunes being in there but hubby liked it like this.

Here is a photo with a couple cut up so you can see the texture inside:

I would like to make these and am thinking of using some danish feta which I already seems creamier....what do you think?

Also was wondering if I can bake these as I prefer that to frying as less messy. Would it work like that and any recommendations for time and temp?

So I made this tonight and it could definitely be a light dinner but is best suited to being a side. I would agree that roasting the pumpkin would be better. Lovely mild flavours and I love having the texture of the nuts on top and creaminess of fresh ricotta. Will post photo later.

Diet / Re: Herbalife - anyone tried it?
« on: July 03, 2014, 07:50:00 am »
Cyndi from Changing Habits posted a link to this article about Herbalife....which I'm about to read and thought it might be good to share here too:

So I decided to buy the brown rice miso paste from the health food store even though I had the woollies stuff. It's certainly not cheap $18.60 for a 400g tub.

I like this recipe though as it's easy and doesn't require much cleaning up afterwards.
I agree that you need the sauce to flavour the rice. My two toddlers enjoyed this too and the older one wanted to finish off all the nori sheet too.

Here is a photo:

Thanks CC. I was impatient and made the mulled wine before reading your reply. It didn't turn out the best due to a number of ingredient changes. I ended up using Lady Grey tea which sounded similar to earl grey. I forgot to include the orange juice I squeezed and apparently the brandy I used wasn't a good one to include, according to hubby.

Oh well, hopefully I have better luck next time.

Thanks ladies. I have looked into your suggestions. Cast iron just isn't for me as it's too heavy, even nonstick pans are too heavy for me for a lot of things.

I've decided against Bessemer due to mixed reviews and the price and have decided to try out Greenpan and see how I go.

I'm thinking of purchasing a Bessmer 28cm frypan that also has a helper handle. It is quite expensive though so wanted to know of anyone who's got one and if it in does it stay nonstick?

I'm sick of brands like Scanpan and Anolon losing their nonstick qualities after 6 months (probably due to hubby using too high heat) so I  am considering Bessemer. I'm particularly interested in pans with helper handles.

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