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Soups / Prawn Soup - Delicious and Easy
« on: January 27, 2011, 07:26:12 pm »

Hello  :)

Since I found this recipe on this blog
I made it so many times!
It is very easy to make and has the goodthing that we can use the Prawn completely with shell and everything!
I hope you enjoy this as much as I d and here it goes:


300 gr Prawns with shell
Olive oil
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
2 tomatoes
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 tablespoons flour
1.2 liters of water
Fresh coriander
Salt and cayenne pepper

Peel the prawns -  set aside: heads and body shells on one side and prawn "meat"  separate!! (DONT throw away shells and heads !!!!)

In the TM:
Onion, garlic and tomatoes - 5 seconds 5 Level

Add a dash of olive oil - 6 min - Temperature Varoma / Level spoon

Now add Tomato paste, Prawn meat - 2 minutes / Temp Varome / level spoon

Now add the shells and heads  and again - 2 minutes, same temperature and level!

stir the flour on top and mix a little with spatula.

Add the water, salt and pepper - 20 minutes / temperature Varoma / Level 1

Now everything has to be mashed in 20 seconds on level 9 (I always do on 2 times -  first half then the rest)

Now get the soup through a fine sieve to  eliminate hard things left. 
And already the soup is ready to serve with a pinch of fresh coriander on top!


Desserts / Pudding / Mousse (Strawberry)
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:51:44 am »
Hello :)

 Now here I am with a delicious recipe that resulted from a failed experiment in making a mousse that finally resulted in a beautiful pudding!
 It was really delicious and 100% Natural which is great!
 The next time I will make with raspberries because I imagine also be very delicate. Since thouse Strawberrys were crying for help I used them and it turned out deliciouse

Name of Recipe:

Number of people: Give to an average six to seven desertglasses

350 grams of strawberries without the green ;)
100 grams White Chocolate
Milk .........
30 grams Sugar
30 grams Flour Cornstarch


Crush the strawberries 10 seconds on speed 6
Put aside
Grind the chocolate Level 10 for 10 sec.

Put the Butterfly
Now put the scale on zero and add the strawberrys
Complete the cup with milk to make up to 600 grams!!
Add the sugar and corn starch
Programm the TMX 9 Minutes - 90º - Level 2 (without the litle cup on the hole ;))

 Fill it in to glasses and put in the Fridge!
Serve it fresh.

 Hope you enjoy it!


member' comments
JD - I've just whipped up 1/2 recipe using frozen blueberries (not blackberries as the photo says). This is lovely, thanks isi.

I then turned a small amount of this pudding into a lovely ice-cream later.
I lightly beat 200g cream with 2 tablespoons icing sugar until soft peaks formed then folded in 100g of this pudding mixture  (mine was blueberry) and 2 caps of orange liqueur.  Left it for a couple of hours in the freezer then beat it in the TMX for 20 seconds on speed 8.  Returned it to the freezer for 3 more hours and it was ready to eat.  Very nice indeed.

jkmt -  I used coconut milk instead of milk. The mix tastes very yummy and looks like it will set to a lovely light dessert.

I haven't made it with normal milk, so I can't compare to what it 'should' have been like. It was very nice - with the coconut milk it was definitely not as light in texture as a mousse - a bit more solid and stayed set at room temperature. We couldn't taste the chocolate at all, so you could probably leave it out and still get a similar result. I just checked the chocolate ingredients and our 'white melts' had 20% milk solids.
I will try again sometime - once with normal milk to see what I'm comparing to, and then again with coconut milk, when I'll also cut down on the cornflour as I think it won't need as much.

Update - I made this again, as per Isi's recipe, as I wanted to see what the texture was intended to be, since I used coconut milk the first time. The texture with the cow's milk was lighter, but both versions are very nice.

Amanda - Just put it in the fridge. Only 300gms of frozen berries and no coconut milk so followed as written. It certainly tastes very good!

Denzelmum - I used soy milk, DH and I enjoyed this very much.

« on: October 19, 2010, 10:09:22 pm »
Hello my dears :)

This recipe was introduced to me in a TM cooking class!
I must say I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning because one of the ingredients is a "whole orange i- first thought -" Nah ... mhhhhh "
But I must say that this is the best orange cake I have ever baked and  therefore no other more comes into the house.
The Orange course,  must have a very thin skin so that the cake is not bitter - I always take the little oranges for as I have trees in my garden with oranges almost all year - as they are ltle I put One and a half!

So lets go:


Heat oven to 180 º

250 gr sugar
1 egg + 2 egg yolks
220 gr flour
100 grams of sunflower oil
1 whole orange with a thin shell (I always take 1.5)
1 natural yogurt - 125 g
1 teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of salt


Sugar, eggs, egg yolks and orange in  pieces in the TM - 1 minute / 50 ° / level 5

Now the remaining ingredients except flour and baking powder to - 30 seconds / level 5

Last flour and baking powder to Level 4 - 6 seconds .

Now, in a greased and dusted with flour cake pan (sometimes I take box) and put
30 minutes in a preheated oven (hot air 180 °) .

Hope you like it as much as we do :)

All of greetings from the still hot Portugal


Drinks / Easy Plum Liquor
« on: September 03, 2010, 12:39:17 am »

Here It is PLUMTIME - and I loooove Plums in every way :D :D
I found a great Plumliquer recipe in the German Forum ( )and I made It now 4 times :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
My husband says it's for ladies ...... hehehe   - yummiiiiiii
Besides being easy to do has the distinction of being consumed as soon as it cooles! 8) 8)
Of course if you wait a few days it becomes always better!
Here goes!

Recipe Name:


400 grams Water
800 grams of Plum already ginned
300 grams of schnapps (white brandy)
100 grams Sugar (I use brown)

Place the water in the Thermomix and basket inside with Plums
Programs 30 minutes / Varoma / Speed 1

Now remove the basket of plums (reserving them and use later to crumble, pie or jam!)
Add the sugar and Schnapps to the existing liquid and Schedule 7 minutes / 90 ° / Speed 2

That's it - now it's just bottle and cool!

As you see it is very difficult to do ;)

Hope you enjoy it too  -  hiks!

Bread / Isi´s Croissantes
« on: August 20, 2010, 05:57:33 pm »
Hello  :)

For anyone who don´t like to make or eat caloric recipes this is one should not be done!!!
Okay….  Make it just once to try  :D :D :D

Here goes:


150 grams of cold butter into the Thermomix Speed  5 until it has formed a Creamy mixture
Put aside
200 grams of milk
3 tablespoons Sugar
1 Pinch of Salt (I work with unsalted butter!)
20 g Fresh Baker Yeast............ 3 Minutes - 37º -  level 3
350 grams flour 55 ........... 3 Minutes - level  ::

Remove the dough from the Thermomix  and divide in 7 Equal parts
Form balls and now strech the dough as thin as you can, dusting with flour  forming a circle
When the seven circles have been formed (should have more or less all the same diameter) start by greasing the first with a spatula with the reserved butter   -  overlap the next circle - greasing with butter and so forth until the last round!
(The dough is at the end a  little wavy because of the butter - thats normal)

Now just divide the circle into eight (or more) equal parts and roll each triangle from wide to the spout!
Brush the croissant with milk and let them rest for 20 minuts.
Bake in preheated oven at 180 º for about 20 minutes (note that all ovens are different!)
When finished cooking brush them again with milk!
They are very quick to make and I guarantee that they are delicious!

Hope you enjoy this

Cakes / Plum Tray Cake (with photo)
« on: August 12, 2010, 09:48:56 pm »
Hello  :)

I love plums in every way and dont resist a slice of cake containing this fruit!
This recipe is particularly good because you can freeze it very well - take the opportunity and make the double recipe and make  2 trays - Just cut it into slices -wrap in greaseproof paper and put in  those  ZIP bags .... mhhhhh - when thawed seems just like fresh done - nothing better than  eat a slice Plum Cake Out of Season!


125 ml milk
45 grams Sugar
45 grams of margarine
1 teaspoon Oil
A pinch of salt
10 grams fresh yeast baker
340 grams of flour
1 Egg
1.5 kg plum that large lump
Sugar / Cinnamon / Sliced Almonds for taste

Milk / Sugar / Margarine / Oil / Salt / Yeast - all ingredients 2.5 minutes. / 37 ° C/ Level 2
add the flour and Egg - 3.5 minutes / Level ::
(If the dough is too sticky add a litle  more flour)

Leave rest  about 45 minutes (until double in volume)
Meanwhile wash and cut the plums.

Form a thick roll and place on a baking sheet lined with greased parchment paper.
Roll out the dough on the whole board

Now place the plums on the dough with the bark side down.
Sprinkle to taste with sugar, cinnamon and almond!

Bake in  pre-heated oven 180 º for 40-45 minutes (note that all ovens are different)

(Sometimes instead of the indicated  mixture I put  crumbles on top!!!  It is divine.... mhhhhh)

Cakes / Fluffy Coconut / Cream Cake (with foto)
« on: August 03, 2010, 12:41:04 am »

This recipe for coconut cake is deliciouse and  has the distinction of being Super easy and fast to make!
It is made with measurements of cups  - I use teacups of 200 ml!
Here at home everyone love this one - I avoid doing when my mother comes because she is not able to control and eat, eat, eat, eat ......  :D
Here goes!

Recipe Name:
Fluffy Coconut / Cream Cake

3 cups Flour
2 cups Sugar
1 and 1 / 2 teaspoon Baking Powder
3 eggs
2 cups of Buttermilk

1 cup sugar
1 packet of grated coconut (I use 125- 150 grams)
2 packages of cream (400ml)

Sugar and Eggs - 2 minutes / 4 Speed
add Buttermilk - 30 sec / 4 speed
add the flour previously mixed and sifted with baking powder and schedule 20 Second / speed  ::.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, spread with butter and sprinkle with flour.
Pour the batter into the tray.
Mix the sugar with the coconut and distribute evenly over the dough (do not mix the dough just overlap!)

Lead to bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes 170-180 °

Remove from oven and distribute the cream on the cake so that it all take a little.
Allow to cool and. ............. mhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - taste!

For Coconut lovers a MUST DO!!
Hope you like it ;)

members' comments

rubyslippers - It smelt like sweet coconut goodness while it was cooking.  I ate some warm and it was tasty.  Tried some today cold from the fridge (thinking it couldn't taste better than last night) and it was delicious. I made it into 20 slices and there is no way I could eat more than two slices at a time so some has gone into the freezer.
For those lazier/distracted cooks (my baby decided to start screaming at my feet while I was preparing this) - I did not sift flour or butter & flour the baking paper and it still turned out great.  I also only used 300 ml cream and 125 g coconut.
This could be nice with a drizzle of liquor (coconut or other) on top - or maybe it's just been too long between drinks for me.
Thanks isi!

Cakes / Creamy Currant Muffins
« on: July 22, 2010, 03:13:28 pm »

Well I looooove Currants and get so upset because they are so expensive on the market.
However there are small extravagances we can commit and this one has such a result - mhhhhhhhh - really worth it! I found this at
The texture of the fantastic base - the taste so characteristic of Gooseberry - with that coverage to tie it all together - uiuiuiui.
Here it goes:

Recipe Name:


125 grams of butter
125 grams Sugar
1 packet of vanilla sugar
1 Pinch of Salt ..................................... Speed 3 - 3 minutes
2 eggs ................................................Speed 3 (one after the other)
175 grams of flour
1 package vanilla pudding  - (remove a tablespoon of the powder and put aside for the Final Cream)
1 teaspoon full of baking Powder ......................... Speed 3 - 2 minutes
The dough must be thoroughly mixed and smooth.

Place a soup spoon full into well greased Muffin forms.

200 grams of Currant  (I always put two packages from the supermarket that gives 250gr.)
Distribute over the dough.

1 egg
50 grams Sugar
1 package of cream fraiche
a tablespoon of vanilla pudding previously reserved
Mix all these ingredients in a small bowl and pour evenly over the currants!
Put in the preheated oven for 25 minutes - 180 degrees!


Hope you like them  ;)

Our packs of vanilla pudding are 22 grams. (at the backside it says for 500ml milk!)
The packaging of Creme fraiche is 200 grams.

members' comments

CC - Found some red currants when I was shopping.They taste delicious, thank you Isi. I made up 1/4 recipe of the vanilla pudding mix I found on the web  I used 25 g of the mix in the recipe.

Desserts / Creamy Chocolate Pudding
« on: July 08, 2010, 12:12:56 am »
Hello :)

I do not know if you have those Creamy Chocolate Puddings with a cape of cream that are sold in the Supermarket at the Yoghurt section.
Oh I love this Puddings - creamy and strong at flavor----
After much experience I think I got a very similar and the best so much healthy then the other one from the supermarket ;)

Here goes:

Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Number of persons: 6-8

560 ml  whole milk
6 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 tbsp corn starch
¼ teaspoon salt
1 large egg
2 egg yolks
125 g dark chocolate
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place in the TMX  2 cups milk (leave a litle bit from the total behind!) , sugar, cocoa, cornstarch and salt. Program -  8 minutes / 90 ° / speed 3.
Meanwhile in a bowl mix the remaining milk with egg and egg yolks.
Select 2 and ½  minutes / 80º / speed 3   and pour the egg mixture by the cup lid.
After this time add the chocolate in pieces, butter and vanilla in the cup and wait 1 minute.
Now program 1 min. / 80 º / speed 3.
Put in Glasses or Ramekins and refrigerate for 4 hours at least..........
Mhhhhhhhhhhh     -  DELICIOUS

Members' comments
JulieO - Such an easy recipe to make and I used good Lindt 70% dark cooking chocolate.  I made into 4 servings, but I think it best to split into 6 as it is quite a rich dessert, but if you love chocolate you will really like it.  It wasn't sickly, just a smaller serving would have been better (IMO anyway-DH finished off mine so he obviously didn't mind the larger serves.) Another great little recipe isi.

Zan -  OMG this is so easy and so yummy! Will def be a regular in our house. (Oh and used milk chocolate rather than dark as that was what needed using up).

CC - This is a really great dessert, my family enjoyed every spoonful.Thank you Isi.

jezzamiff - These are SO good - they taste just like the posh ones from the supermarket that are about $4 per serve and so bad for you. DH ate 3 of these in a row!

joynatalie - Sadly I had no dark chocolate but did find a bar of aldi milk chocolate with hazelnuts belonging to kids who were at school!! I used that and it seems to be a hit and eventually I will be forgiven for raiding their stash!   I am so sick of paying so much for the supermarket pudding and rice puddings I am now making my own. Sadly I don't like bought ones but I do love the home made ones! Taste is great but not firming up.  No idea why it failed but very frustrating kids eating it anyway.

chocymoose - Yum, was so delicious I was a bit naughty and ate 5 of the 6 servings. I used lindt milk chocolate and it ended up tasting a bit like yogo or chocolate paddle pops. Yummy, might try dark chocolate next time. Also found it quite sweet, but I suppose you're not supposed to be eating it in such large volumes. Had the consistency of a thick custard.

Uni - Setting in the fridge now. I am not a fan of dark chocolate but DH is, I was very tempted to use nutella instead, maybe next time. Update, DH gave it 5/5.

fabulous1 - These look soooo fab... made them this morning - but oh no!!! They haven't set!!! I didn't have full cream milk, only light, do you think that would make the difference?  Kids really loving it anyway, poured over ice cream, thanks for the recipe.

berringamababe - Yum yum yum I just made this into a chocolate/vanilla slice :
I lined a lamington tray with milk coffee biscuits dipped in a mixture of 2 tsp coffee and 1 cup water, topped the biscuits with the chocolate mixture (I added extra cornflour) then a second layer of biscuits topped with custard from the EDC book a third layer  of biscuits topped with melted chocolate - setting in the fridge now.

ES - Ooh, Yumm!
I made this today with (Haighs) dark chocolate and poured it into 6 bowls. We had it for dessert this evening topped with a strawberry, and it was delicious. My DH doesn't often eat dessert, but he ate this.


Cakes / Isi´s easy Crumbel Fruit Cake
« on: July 06, 2010, 11:55:39 pm »
So I am back  :) :)  and today I bring you something very simple but very nice:

Isi's easy Crumbel Fruit Cake

With the summer come all sorts of fruit from the garden. It is always quite a lot.
Plum, peach, apricot, raspberry, cherries
This recipe is for when there are lots of fruits but not much time. Simple and delicious.
This I have done with a basket of plums which the children have brought from Grandpa.

For the dough:

150 grams margarine
100 grams sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
2 eggs
200 grams flour
2 teaspoons baking powder

For the crumble:

150 grams flour
75 grams sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
100 grams butter or margarine

Fruit of choice: apricots, plums, cherries ....(Do not forget to take the lumps ;) ;) .....)

Mix all dough ingredients together - level 4-5 and put in a  greased Bakingdish.
Put the fruit as you like above  (I always put a lot! ;))
Now put the ingredients for the crumble in the TMX -level 6 until desired dimension.
Spread on fruit.
Put in the Oven at 160 º C  and back for 60 minuts!



Condiments and Sauces / PHILADELPHIA CHEESE - "Buy no more..."
« on: April 28, 2010, 04:34:05 pm »
Hello! :) :) :)

This recipe is from the Germany book - and since I have this recipe I never bought Philadelhpia Cheese again.
I did some calculations at that time and this were the results!!!
(in euro)

1 package of Philadelphia                            200gr___________ € 2.25
A complete recipe Philadelphia Thermomix     1 kg____________ € 3.20

It is worth making:


Makes 1kg


500 grams of Quark cheese
250 grams of butter (unsalted)
200 grams of sour cream or cream fraiche
1/ 2 - 3/4 teaspoon salt

Everything into the Thermomix-program 5-6 minutes / 70 ° / 4 Speed

Place in a recipient and then to the cold!


Compared with what we had here at home! - EQUAL IF EVEN BETTER

Now just invent
Crushed parsley / chives / dill / garlic and wrapped in half the cheese - you are lucky I am not speaking directly with you - so you passe out with my garlik breath...........   think I put a bit to much this time :D

It is wonderful - of course you can also season to taste - just have the imagination!

Hope you like it


« on: April 19, 2010, 08:16:00 pm »
Hello :) :) :)

Here at home we have a glass jar from IKEA where you live is always something sweet to accompany the nice cup of tea, the coffee or simply to devour the kids (only the kids of course)
I like making cookies, cupcakes or even a place Madalenes there! Always something that can endure for a while!
Among my recipes election are these mini mini mini Croissant whose validity has never been able to test ...
Anyone who has proved them will understand why !!!!!!!!!
It may sound a little strange mass but only tell you that the end result is heavenly!

Recipe Name:


Makes 64 Croissant

200 grams of butter or margarine
200 grams of Philadelphia Cheese (homemade of course)
300 grams of flour
50 grams White Sugar
50 grams brown sugar
50 grams of Dried Fruit (Hazelnut, Almond, Walnut)

Butter / Cheese / Flour - all inside the Thermomix and program level 3 - 4 minutes!
The mass is sooooo soft.
Remove the dough from the Thermomix with the help of the spatula!
Form a ball - Wrap up and Leave to rest in the Fridge for at least 2 hours


Mix the dried fruit (previously finely milled in Thermomix) with the Sugar and divide into 4 equal pieces

Divide the dough into 4 equal parts.

Take ONE and place the other 3 in the cold!!
Put 1/4 of the mixture of Sugar/Fruit  on the bench - put the dough on top and form a circle with about 26cm!
Hope I made myself understood (the sugar/fruit mixture works as flour to stretch the dough on top :-)) :-)))

After the circle is done divide it into 16 shares i (do not be alarmed because it is small anyway!) Lol

Now just wrap each triangle from the widest part until the tip end and place in pan with the tip end down!

Now do the same with the rest of the ingredients!

Bake in preheated oven at 180 º for 14 to 16 minuts until they are golden brown (notice the initial photo)!

Allow to cool over a grid and after very cold store in boxes or well insulated glasses!
Endure at least 4 weeks will  - if someone leaves them hidden  this happen of course ....  :D :D :D

Puhhhhh this was tiring - I think I'll take a Cafe with a Mini Mini ..... 8) 8) 8)

Hope you enjoy the Idea - they really are special and veeery nice


members' comments

JulieO - I made the dough for these one night and got it out of the fridge about 30 mins before trying to roll it out next morning.
I'm afraid I didn't have much success with this part but I feel it's more to do with our weather at the moment (30C) and a little humid.  Anyway it wouldn't roll out for me, kept sticking to the rolling pin even when I dusted with a bit of flour.  It was almost like there wasn't enough flour in it so to save the day, instead I pulled off little pieces, rolled into balls and then rolled in the nuts and baked that way, perfect size for popping in your mouth with a coffee. I think I'd like to try again when we finally get cooler weather.  Hoping others have better success than I did.

Tebasile - I was cheating and used Pleno organics puff pastry waiting in the fridge to be used. Thank you Isi.

Nay-nay - Ok - so I'm rolling these babies up and they actually look like the photos and I'm thinking I'm soooo master Chef but now I've cooked them they are a little doughy in centre. I am supposing they have to be very crispy, hard to last 4 weeks.  I think I'll put them back in on a very low heat so they don't burn??

I turned off oven and just left them in there on cooling rack and they did crisp up but not the wonderful colour of Isi's. I think maybe I didn't roll them thin enough either. They are very tasty!! Julie I found you really need to roll straight away even as Isi said putting the rest of the mix back into fridge while you roll the rest. I had intentions of leaving in over night but couldn't wait and got it out after a couple hours and had the trouble you described but then left it a couple more hours and it was good to work with. I did mine in the cool of the night about 8.30 pm and was very happy with how they rolled up. Will definitely try again - Thanks Isi. If I left them at high heat any longer the underneath of them would have burnt - I think maybe they were to thick - I didn't roll them thin enough.

cookie1 - I made this yesterday and put it in the fridge over night. It was really firm to roll out today.I rolled it between two pieces of baking paper. I used hazelnuts ground up fairly fine and raw sugar on mine. They are very moorish, one is definitely not enough. I actually rolled them in the nut mix after I had rolled them into the croissant shape as well as having it under the dough being rolled out.

rainbow - Thank you Isi, these are beautiful.  I prepared the dough last night and made them this morning for our Sunday morning coffee/hot chocolate and they are the best.

KL in the mix - my dough was very firm straight out of the fridge too. Rolled it between baking paper which I must say, is a brilliant idea!!! Was a bit of a workout though... I think I even raised a sweat!!! Sprinkled the sugar/nut dust on both sides prior to rolling. Goodness they were yummy!!! Still have half the dough left in the fridge which I froze for next time.  Made a second batch with the frozen dough but put some grated dark chocolate sprinkled over too. Yum. Just as good as the first batch... maybe even a little tastier.

versaceyoyo - I must admit it was hard work rolling the dough as it was very firm, however, I got there and I am so pleased with how they turned out - another wonderful 'Isipe' (short for Isi-recipe!). They really are good - I have shared them with a few people now and they are a universal hit! 

ILB - Isi, I made these for our cooking class recently and they were a huge hit!! Thank you.

rubyslippers - I love these.  Very tasty.  Thank you isi!

CP -  delicious! (and now I know what she means by mini mini mini - they are just a mouthful). Will definitely make these again.

cookie - We love them. They freeze well too.

DJ - Very delicious, had too many for breakfast.... Oops.   

Drinks / Egg Liqueur
« on: April 19, 2010, 01:02:09 am »

I love this liqueur -  on top of a Desert with Ice Cream or just like this!
So simple to make and a delight for everyone.
As  my mother brought me  fresh Biological eggs I decided do this and  now share with you.
Hope you enjoy.



4 eggs
200 grams sugar
Inside of a vanilla bean

350mL Vodca
150 grams cream


Put Eggs, Sugar and Vanilla in the TMX and Program 5 minuts / 60º / Level 5

After this join the Vodca and Cream and Program another 3 minuts / 60º / Level 4.


Fill inside of a Bottle.

Vegetarian / VEGETARIAN LASAGNE (other recipe)
« on: April 04, 2010, 07:49:58 pm »

Last Friday I made this lasagna for our dinner!
It is in our basic TMX books and as it is different from the recipe that I found here - I will share it with you.
It is really very tasty and was appreciated by all!


Fresh Lasagna Sheets
3 Courgettes (500 grams)
2 carrots (150 grams)
1 Leek
300 Grams of Fresh Mushrooms
150 Grams Onion
2 cloves of garlic
100 grams of tomatoes into chunks
50 Grams of Oil
1 Vegetable cube
50 Grams White Wine
Basil or Oregano
1 Tin  Sweet Corn
Mozzarella cheese (Chop in Thermomix!)

For the Bechamel:
. ... Milk
70 grams Flour
40 Grams Butter
Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg


Cut the courgettes, carrots, Champignon and Leek into thin slices.
Put in TMX the Onion and Garlic - Level 5 -  5 seconds.
Add the olive oil and the tomatoes and mash. 10 Seconds - Level 7
Program 7 Minutes - Temperature 100 º - Level 2
Add the carrots, courgettes, Leek and Champignon.
Add the cube, salt, wine and basil.
Program - 15 min - Temperature Varoma - Speed Reverse Spoon
At the end of this time drain prepared with the help of a smuggle
Book the Filling and Reserve Cooking Sauce!!!

For the Bechamel:
Place the balance of Thermomix to 0 and place the resulting Cooking Sauce and add milk until  get 700 grams.
Add the remaining ingredients, and Schedule 8 minutes - 90º - Level 4  

Assemble the Lasagne

I did three layers:
First 1 / 3 of filling to which I added 1 / 3 Tin Sweet Corn -  Lasagne Sheets -  other 1 / 3 of filling with 1 / 3 Tin Corn -  Lasagna Sheets -  the rest of the filling with the rest of Tin Corn and finally  Lasagna Sheets.
Top with the bechamel and finally sprinkle with grated cheese.

Place in oven to bake at 180 º for about 20/25 minutes!


Members' comments
JulieO - Isi I made this today.  We really liked it especially the extra flavour and colour that came from using the drained juices of the veg in the bechamel sauce.  Will def be made again, very tasty.

Ceejay - One of my favourite dishes..... I really do have to make this again! As one of my boys has issues with egg in pasta, I often use Mountain bread instead.

happylittleday - Thanks Isi for this recipe, it's delicious!  I made it tonight with a few variations because I'm intolerant to gluten; and based on what veggies came in my co-op box this week. I used gluten free pasta spirals and did a pasta bake instead of a lasagne because I didn't have any lasagne sheets on hand. I pre cooked the pasta before stirring together in the lasagne dish with the strained veggies and the bechamel sauce. Then I sprinkled it with grated parmesan and tasty cheese before putting it in the oven to brown....perfect!!!

CC - The lasagne froze well uncooked. I defrosted it in the fridge overnight the day before it was needed. It cooked and tasted wonderful, thanks Isi.

Judy - I made this for the current forum challenge. 
I cut the zucchini, leek and large button mushrooms into 5cm slices and the carrots in 2.5cm slices.
I used confit of garlic and 2 tsp of the confit oil to saute the chopped onion, garlic and I added the tomato the leek at this stage too as I like my leeks cooked really well. Cooked for 10 mins/100o/reverse/speed 1 (I didn't do the step to mash the onion & tomato mixture).
I used 1 tsp VSC plus 1 umami cube (added with the wine) but I think I could have added 2 tsp VSC to add a little more salt into the dish.
I used a tiny bit of fresh oregano & basil from the garden but added 1/4 tsp of my homemade Italian spice mix as well.
I grated 55g tasty cheese & 30g parmesan 8 sec/speed 9 for the topping.
It made 2 lasagnes 1 x 22 cm square dish and 1 x 15 cm square dish and baked both for 20 minutes.

Thanks for the recipe isi, I enjoyed it for lunch and I had some with a pork chop for tea as well.
This recipe would serve 6 people so I have plenty of servings in the freezer.

Desserts / Deliciouse Mixed Berries Icecream
« on: April 01, 2010, 12:01:33 am »

Hello :)

Here is the favourite Icecream of my oldest sun!
It is a Mixed Berries Icecream with custard Base!
It is very Creamy and deliciouse.
Here it goes:


Number of persons:.....

200g of mixed Berries (Frozen)
200 ml fresh cream
200ml milk
2 egg yolks
130 g brown sugar


Put cream, milk and sugar in the TMX and program -  8 minutes / 90º / Level 3.
Add a little bit of this hot mixture to the yolks and mix.
Turn the machine on speed 2 ½ and pour the yolk/milk mixture through the hole.
Program another 4 minutes /  80º / Level  3
Without washing the cup put the fruit in it and program  Speed 7-  and Grind as you like.
Pour the reserved mixture and wrap in speed 3.
Pour into a bowl and cool.
Take to the fridge until cold.
Place in ice cream machine and store in freezer or serve immediately

Deliciouse,  hope you like it too!!


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