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Main Dishes / Re: Peanut Chicken
« on: May 08, 2011, 03:46:34 am »
Hi, I'm new here but love this forum.  So much to inspire!

I came looking for a lazy Sunday chicken dish.  I found this and knew I would love it.  I had some chicken thigh fillets left from yesterdays big family feast of paella.

On raiding the fridge I found that I had sensibly put the chicken in the freezer because I also had extra prawns that should be cooked first.  Well, this recipe sounds like it would suit prawns too.  The next problem was, no peanut butter to be found.  I did have some macadamias and some almonds, enough for a nut butter made in the TM.

Result? The prawns needed less cooking time than chicken. The macadamias and almonds added to the texture very nicely.  The sauce was a bit runny and there was too much of it so I saved some for the freezer.  It will make a great base for another seafood dish. I served it on rice and took the cue from here to have wilted chinese vegies, fresh from our asian market this morning. Thumbs up from all of us.  A fabulous meal, no fuss, no mess, just compliments that I didn't really deserve.

I really look forward to trying it with the chicken!

Introduce Yourself / I'm new too
« on: March 31, 2011, 09:40:26 pm »

I've just joined the forum.  I've had my TM for a some weeks and it gets a work out every day.  There are only 2 of us in this house but with grandchildren, family and friends enjoying the goodies I'm turning out it is widely appreciated.

I first came across TM on line and knew that I wanted one.  Too expensive for me then but I got there.

I live a bit north of Brisbane.  Too high for any flooding to worry us here.

I look forward to learning from you all.

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