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Recipe Requests / Dog Food
« on: October 09, 2009, 03:25:22 am »
 I am going to the airport on Monday to collect a 6 year old Jack Russell who needs a new home due to a change in his family's circumstances.  I usually make the occasional meal for visiting dogs in the neighbourhood but want to make  healthy dog biscuits or treats. The thermomix will do the job I am sure but I need some recipes.


Recipe Requests / Vegan mayonnaise
« on: September 27, 2009, 04:01:35 am »
Is it possible to make a decent tasting mayonnaise type dressing without eggs?

My son and family will be visiting this week and before my dear daughter in law became a vegan she loved my Waldorf and potato salads. :-\


Starters and Snacks / Chicken liver and pistachio pate
« on: September 19, 2009, 03:10:03 am »
Chicken liver and pistachio pate

100 gms pistachios shelled or other nuts or no nuts
600 gm chicken livers washed and dried
1 onion large
2 cloves garlic
300 gms butter
1 bouquet garni sachet
Salt and pepper
Brandy or other liqueur

Chop pistachios for abut 4  seconds on  speed 6. Set aside
Chop onions and garlic  for about 5 seconds on speed 6
Add 30 gms of butter. Cook 3/4 minutes  or until soft on 100 speed 1
Add chicken livers, bouquet garni , salt and pepper COOK for about 8 minutes at 100 soft speed and REVERSE
When livers are cooked REMOVE BOUQUET GARNI.
Add the rest of the butter and a tablespoon or two of brandy or any liqueur you fancy
Process until you get the texture you like. I like 30 seconds on 9
Add the pistachios and pour into ramekins/pots or make a big one for party.

You can freeze this pate. If not, it will keep in the fridge wrapped tightly in plastic wrap for a week or more. If you let the air get to it it will change colour but will still be fine to eat. Let your nose be the judge. I always put the plastic wrap in the pots so I can just pull the pate out when set. You can then pop it back into a pot or set it on a plate.

I have been making this for years as my party piece. It's easy as, just remember no matter what weight of chicken livers use 1/2 that weight in butter. Don't think about it just do it. Decadent.

Tips/Hints from members

MM - In response to a question from Chookie - you can add some orange zest.  I use Grand Marnier in mine some times to give the orangey flavour.

Gert - I always have some in the freezer. For a party I make a big one in a quiche pan. For extras I  line some small pots with plastic wrap before freezing. After they are frozen I just lift them out and pop them into a zip lock bag. Very versatile recipe and you can do some Christmas decos  by putting that in to the pot first before setting. Just turn upside down before serving.

Chookie -  Also adapted this recipe using duck livers.  They are easier to clean too.  Added orange rind, port and hazelnuts.   Good combination

bigTcup - This makes heaps so froze a few serves thanks to previous suggestions.  Was a bit dubious about freezing the pate but you wouldn't even know the difference once thawed.

Miranda - One tip is to soak the livers in milk for a couple of hours or over night.  This takes away some of the bitterness that livers can have. Variations - I've include juniper berries, anchovies, the orange zest and some orange juice. You can also substitute bread crumbs that have been lightly soaked in milk for a lot of the butter. Not nearly as sinfully tasty but still very nice and less guilty.  Also dogs adore this if you need to brighten up their dinner, or disguise tablets.

Augusta - I added some short cut bacon, tbsp cognac and port.



Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / Bouquet Garni Sachet
« on: September 18, 2009, 09:16:55 am »
Has anyone here used a bouquet garni sachet in the TMX? If so, did it break? I want to make my chicken liver pate and don't want it green!


Vegetarian / Cottage cheese
« on: September 16, 2009, 07:18:30 am »
Cottage cheese

1 1/2 litres fresh milk
80 gm lemon juice

Put milk in  *: 8 minutes on 90 c speed 1
Add 65 g lemon juice 2 minutes on 90 c  ^^Preparation:
Add 15 gm lemon juice
Remove jug and let stand for 15 minutes before transferring contents to a large bowl to cool for one hour.  Without stirring then transfer to a lined ( chux will do)colander or strainer. Leave it overnight  or gently squeese. Remove curd and refrigerate.

I have been searching for this cottage cheese or paneer recipe for the THERMOMIX for ages
and found it today on this web site which I had google translate from Spanish. I hope I havecopied it correctly but have a look at the website and see the picture as well.

Desserts / Gert's strawberry ice cream
« on: September 05, 2009, 05:28:19 am »
Strawberry Ice-Cream

Feeds lots

4 Eggs

500 g Cream any kind or a combo. ( single, double,with gelatin or not)

500 g milk

150 g sugar

1 1/2 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste

pinch salt

500g Strawberries

Place all ingredients  into TM bowl except  strawberries and cook for 8 minutes at 80 C on speed 4

Put 1/2 strawberries in TM bow and mix for 5 seconds on speed 5

Pour mixture into two containers and place in freezer until firm. Every so often I move the edges to the middle.

Place remaining strawberries into TM bowl  and chop for about 2 seconds on speed 6 set aside

Take the firm ice cream from freezer spoon chunks into the TM bowl. Mix for 20 seconds on speed 9 then for 10 seconds on
speed 4 using the spatula to assist. Put remaining strawberries into bowl and mix gently with spatula.

Pour 1/2 into a 500 g container. This one is for the kids

Pour the remaining 500 g into another container. Pour a bit of  any liqueur you like over the top and stir through

Tip: If you like it pinker add a bit of red food colouring to the second blending

Members' comments
cookie1 - This is easy to make and is ever so tasty. Thanks Gretchen.

DJ - Made half quantity with frozen summer fruits ( rasps, blackberries, red currants and black currants).
Added half as per recipe and remaining half at final blitz. DD and I think it is very good. DH would prefer strawberries, roll on summer! Thanks Gert. Take out of freezer before first course (15 to 20 mins) before needed then can cut into pieces easily to serve.


Recipe Requests / Agar agar jelly
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:04:33 am »
Does anyone have a recipe for either sweet or savoury  agar jellies?

Recipe Requests / agar agar jelly recipe
« on: March 25, 2009, 01:33:51 am »
Does anyone have recipe for any agar agar jellies?

Recipe Requests / Corn Cihips
« on: February 20, 2009, 02:40:49 am »
I have just taken delivery of my Thermomix and would love the recipe for corn chips.


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