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Title: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Thermomixer on May 27, 2009, 03:44:47 am
We ALWAYS get asked about the 'plastic'.  It is not plastic it is foodsafe polypropolene.  It does not leach anyhting into the food.  Vorwerk have stated over and over and over that it is totally safe to use.   This is the official statement in the consultants training manual

Question/ Objection: “What are the Varoma and steamer basket made from? Are they food safe?”
Vorwerk Engineering certifies that all materials used in Thermomix and the Varoma meet international standards for consumer safety.  All ‘plastic’ materials that may be exposed to food in the course of common cooking practices are certified to be food-proof. Granulates (raw materials) are sourced from trusted suppliers and processed into components in France and Germany at Vorwerk’s own factories that meet stringent European manufacturing and safety standards. Varoma materials have been tested and confirmed to comply with FDA regulations. In addition, the seals of mixing bowl lids comply with European standards as set forth by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.
The material used for the Varoma is the same as the steamer basket. These parts are made from polypropylene (PP).  The main concern with these types of materials is the softeners ie. Phthalates which are used to make rigid plastics more flexible). Phthalates are known to leach out of plastic and into food, especially when heated.  The leached chemicals are known as xenoestrogens and have been connected to hormone disruptions particularly in women.
The usage of phthalates is becoming more and more restricted, especially in European counties. Vorwerk does not use Phthalates in their Varoma or steamer basket – these are more commonly found in cheap plastic bottles, food packaging and containers.
Always look for the food safe symbol (a glass and fork) when buying any plastic materials. You will see the Varoma, steamer basket and spatula all carry this symbol.

Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Frozzie on August 18, 2010, 08:44:22 am
thanks thermomixer.. a friend and i asked this same question to our consultant and she wasnt a hundred percent sure..thanks so much for the detailed response..ill have to pass it on, translated of course!  merci  :)
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Thermomixer on August 19, 2010, 06:07:03 am
De rien. Je vous en prie.      No worries mate.  (gotta keep ya speakin' 'strine)
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: ahoney on January 01, 2011, 04:00:07 am
What about the clear plastic in the MC and the varoma lid? I waxbills this contains BPA and get concerned about it leaching when hot!
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Meagan on January 01, 2011, 07:50:54 am
AHoney my understanding is that there are no bpa or phthalates in the non metal parts of the Thermomix. I will ask my GL to confirm when the office reopens in the new year. I sold a TM to a family and the husband was in the business of producing products like the varoma etc (i cant remember the name of it) and he said each of the numbers on the different components relates to the make up of the individual pieces. And that they were of an extremely high quality.  :D always good to know!
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: cantonpixie on April 26, 2011, 11:15:35 am
hallo Meagan / anyone else reading this thread,
Does anyone have the latest on this issue?  I've just gotten my thermomix and whilst I can believe that the Polypropeline parts are "food-safe", i share ahoney's concern about the MC and the clear varoma lid.  i was under the impression that all polycarbonate (clear, rigid plastic) contains / leaches BPA, and i am also not sure if European / FDA regulations specifically disallow BPA in polycarbonate?

And because of that, I've not gotten the guts to use the varoma to steam / cook anything.  (i've given away everything except my steamer becase of this polycarbonate / BPA issue.).

now, if anyone can read french/german, here're some discussions on this.  i can't understand french but when i did a google translate, the people posting in the french forum are saying that the plastic parts DO leach bpa.

can someone shed some light on this please?
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Frozzie on April 26, 2011, 11:42:05 am
hi cantonpixie

i just read the french forums re the bpa etc and yes there is a little, very minimal amount in the clear parts ie mc and varoma lid but firstly its minimal and secondly it has to come in direct contact with food that it could argue that as its cooked by steaming that the water residue drops onto food but again seriously minimal.  If people want to be pedantique about plastics etc they need to do like some said and go back to the dark ages using only natural products like wood moulds etc, nothing electronic, get rid of wifi, mobile phones and microwaves, also be careful about coal bbqs also toxic to food and the' list can go on if you really want it too..bottom line is that once you have plastics that are of a high grade and generally quite expensive the quality is alot higher and bpa leaking or presence is comes down to something about the numbers printed on the bottom of the plastic item which can prove this point..some are quite safe and others not at kids plastic cups and babys bottles are alot more dangerous than the varoma lid and mc..its always be good to be cautious but seriously people dont start going overboard, otherwiser start looking at everything you come in contact with as they say kids plastic garden toys and other are also dangerous, many things on labels we arent even aware of, the amount of drinks provided in plastic bottles that are stored for some time before it gets to your home..i think the fact you are cooking with the thermomix is already decreasing so many nastys being intaken is already a good thing and as it is also a very minimal amoutn of bpa it isnt going to kill you.  As long as your aware of the quality of plastic you have around you or in your homes, as there surely is quite a bit, from cooking utensils to bowls to cups etc especially for kids as glass is also a danger for little ones it should be fine..i cant remember all the numbers and what they mean but will ask hubby as he any case each to their own, im not a lover of plastics but im not at all bothered by the thermomix..more concerned with stuff i give the kids that have direxct contact with their food and mouths as ceramic or glass always ends up broken at their young age..
i think all we can do is minimise the nastys we can but it is impossib le to erradicate them all..this day and age they are everywhere..just keep it to a minimim  :)
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: cantonpixie on April 26, 2011, 11:47:04 am
thanks frozzie, that helps to keep a perspective on things! :)
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Frozzie on April 26, 2011, 11:50:23 am
also just read another bit saying that the bpa only becomes toxic in cooking equipment from 160 degrees..dont know if this is true or not but the thermomix never gets to 160..this is also the reason that i dont ever ever use any plastics in the oven and i hate those new soft moulds in the oven..but thats personal preference!
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Cuilidh on April 26, 2011, 10:15:13 pm
I once heard the saying, referring to the different numbers printed on many, if not most, plastic containers

"4, 5, 1, 2 [are OK] All the rest are bad for you" 

I put the [are OK] in brackets as the rhyme is not clear without any explanation, but it is easier to remember it without the [are OK] insert - if that makes sense.
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: cantonpixie on April 28, 2011, 04:09:55 pm
:) yes, the EWG website says 1,2, 4, 5 are safe.  but i read somewhere else that you should't use 1 for hot stuff tho.  (1 is PET, the type used in the mineral water bottles / soft drink bottles.  not meant for long use!)

Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Frozzie on April 28, 2011, 06:58:41 pm
DH says that the numbers 1 to 7 are just to identify the material used in the item ie like cantonpixie said for eg 1 is PET and if each plastic item is respected to its limitations ie certain can be heated and others definately not, some only to a certain temp, alot definately not to be used in the microwave for example or dishwasher then they are quite safe but the problem is that alot of people dont follow the guidelines generally provided and put them in the microwave and dishwasher anyway etc etc and hence then it becomes dangerous.  Also even though i refuse to use plastics above certain temps ever, apparently there is no clinical proof that they affect our health just heavy suspicions but saying that they used to say cigarettes wouldnt hurt you either!! Think it comes down like i said to personal preference and a fair bit of common sense.
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: cantonpixie on April 29, 2011, 08:37:14 am
yes frozzie, u're right on that one.  and i DO hv an obsessive friend who refuses to use anything other than glass to cook in / with.  :)
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Frozzie on April 29, 2011, 08:52:30 am
i can understand that obsession..just cant bring myself to cook with it either..use it in cooking prep yes but cook with nope...
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: quirkycooking on April 29, 2011, 09:11:34 am
We were recently informed from Head Office that the Varoma & MC have just been tested for BPA's and these are the results of the tests:

The TÜV Rheinland could not detect any Bisphenol A during tests with the Varoma lid and measuring cup. Find enclosed the official statement from Vorwerk International:

The health and well being of our customers is of greater concern to us at Vorwerk than anything else. Therefore, in order to rule out the possibility of the Thermomix measuring cup and Varoma lid secreting even the tiniest amounts of Bisphenol A when they come into contact with foodstuffs, Vorwerk commissioned the Rhineland technical monitoring authority (TÜV Rheinland) to thoroughly examine the relevant parts as an independent and critical institution.

*      According to its test reports of 20 December 2010 (AZ 76740c) and 13 December 2010 (AZ 76740b), no traces of Bisphenol A were detected. The tests were conducted in accordance with the 2002/72/EG directive (detection limits: aqueous migrate < 0.008 mg /L; ethanol migrate < 0.05 mg / L).

*       This means you can continue to have faith in the fact that the dishes you create so quickly and easily with your Thermomix are not only delicious but also as healthy as the fine ingredients you use to prepare them.
Title: Re: "Plastics" in the Thermomix
Post by: Frozzie on April 29, 2011, 09:48:39 am
thanks jo...DH said any detection is always minimal in any case like minute amounts in items that use polypropene etc but good to know the tests came back with positive results having no bpa detection!  Just another plus!