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Tips and Tricks / Egg whites fine until added sugar
« on: April 03, 2011, 02:41:02 am »
I know there's heaps on egg whites here so sorry for more. I never have problems beating egg whites on their own, it's always about 1.5 to 2 min to beat on speed 4, 50 degrees. It's when I start adding sugar that it starts to turn to liquid again. I have tried turning down to speed 2 for sugar and have tried 3 and I've also tried leaving at 4. Do I keep heat on when adding sugar? I don't think I'm adding too fast but as a guide for 2 whites and 75g sugar, how long should it take to add? Any other tips? Am considering trying adding sugar from beginning before it's firm but don't see how it would work.

Tips and Tricks / plum Jam didn't set
« on: March 02, 2011, 09:48:46 pm »
I tried making the plum jam yesterday for the first time. After removing the stones, I had 920g of plum, added a whole lemon, the spices and pureed that altogether as book says on speed 9. Then I added 600g sugar (the recipe says 600-800) and pureed that together. Then I  started cooking it all but after 5 minutes remembered that I had planned on adding some pectin powder so added 2 tsp of that in and put it to a higher speed just for 2 seconds to mix it all through. Then continued cooking for another 50 minutes (recipe says 40-60min) but it wasn't set. So I cooked on varoma for another 3 min as recipe suggested and it still wasn't set. I thought perhaps it would thicken upon cooling but it hasn't.

Any ideas on where exactly I went wrong? I'm thinking obviously I should have added the pectin in at the beginning but it shouldn't have made that much of a difference.

Something I read said you shouldn't boil the jam with pectin in it too long or it stops working???

Another thing said I could tip it all back in the pot and boil it again with more pectin/sugar/lemon juice for a minute and it should set?

I don't so much care about this batch since it was an experiment but I want to know for next time where I went wrong? Should I add the pectin in at the very end perhaps?

Sorry this is really long :-)

I just wanted to make the wholesome strawberry shortcake thermo cookies on page 107 of the book: A Taste of Vegetarian and one of the ingredients is brown rice syrup. I assume I can buy this at a health food shop but does anyone know how to make it? I suppose I could ask that as a separate topic but what i also want to know is one of the ingredients says oil but it doesn't say how much. Any clues?

Is there a specific website or blog that's just for Asian style thermomix recipes?

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