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Hi, I have a customer who has a yellow lid and spatula from cooking curry in her TM. Is there anyway to get rid of the colour?

Special Diets / Marshmallows - FAILSAFE
« on: September 22, 2010, 02:42:21 am »
As some of you may have seen on FB, I was able to convert Sue Dengates marshmallow recipe for TM. Easy As!! You could do so much with this mixture - there will be heaps of slice creations made I bet!

4 tbsp gelatine (sorry I forgot to weigh this)
220g warm water
880g sugar
440g boiling water
2 pinches of citric acid
Icing sugar and cornflour to dust

Add gelatine and warmwater to tm bowl and mix for 20sec on speed 3.
Add sugar and boiling water and cook at varoma temp for 20 min on speed 1.
Allow mixture to cool to 37 degrees. Add citric acid and butterfly and beat mixture for 5min on speed 4 or until white and thick.
Pour in to silicon baking trays or wetted cake tins and set in the fridge.
When set cut in to squares and dust with the icing sugar and cornflour mixture.

It makes a LOT! filled 2 square cake tins to 3.5cm and still had about 500ml left in the TM bowl. I mixed in rice bubbles and a couple of tablespoons of cocoa to make chocolate LCM bars. Not sure on exact amount of rice bubbles, you just add as much as you need so that the mixture still sticks together ok. You could use cornflakes and a mixture of seeds or grains with the rice bubbles.

This is converted from Sue Dengate's failsafe recipe.

You can get citric acid from the supermarket.

TIP: I did try beating it at various temps as the kids were impatient but it would not thicken up properly, I found that I had to wait until it had cooled completely. And it needed the butterfly, beating with the blades wasnt enough.

Bacon, potato and cheddar soup
Meat on the menu

Large volume - 2L so goes a long way. I didnt have white wine so left that out and used water with stock concentrate instead of chicken stock. I didnt have enough cheese so only used 100g cheddar and 50 of parmasan. This was plenty!!! I wouldnt add any more it would be too strong. Very thick but i like it like that. Kids not so keen but they dont like soup normally anyway. Happy to dip toast in it though.

My version 4/5

Cookbook Contents / Meat on the menu cookbook contents
« on: April 06, 2010, 04:28:47 am »
Meat on th menu contents

Breakfast sausage patties
Puffy breakfast quiche
Gratin Cups
Beef and feta rissoles
Crispy chicken croquettes
Herbed honey meatballs
Keftethes (greek meatballs)
Swedish meatballs
Thai chilli pork sausage rolls
Thai chicken cakes
Pork balls with minted peanut sauce
Chunky mexican beef dip
Salami spread

Steam a chicken breast and
Spinach and almond chicken salad
Warm chicken and blue cheese salad
Chili citrus chicken salad
Warm red cabbage salad with chicken and brie
Chicken and potato salad with sun-dried tomato dressing
Chicken and pasta salad
Shredded chicken salad
Shredded beef taco salad
Mango macadamia chicken noodle salad
Steamed pork fillet with black bean dressing
Thai beef salad
Thai chicken and prawn noodle salad
Curried chicken salad

Sauces and sides
Bearnaise sauce
Bearnaise sauce with prawns
Bocci's BBQ sauce
Best BBQ sauce
Chicken veloutie
Leek and saffron sauce
Lebanese garlic paste
Seeded mustard sauce
French style mustard
Honey mustard
Peppercorn sauce
Red pepper sauce
Fresh chermoulla
Five spice powder
Peach and apricot chutney
Tomato chilli jam
Onion jam
Mexican salsa
Warm beetroot puree
Cheesy polenta
Nann bread
Flour tortillas
Yorkshire puddings

Cream of chicken soup
Asparagus and chicken soup
Bacon, potato and cheddar soup
Beef soup with baby mushrooms
Hearty beef minestrone
Persian lime and beef stew
Lime and chicken mexican soup
Chorizo and lentil stew
Black eyed chorizo winter warmer
Dutch curry and rice soup
Thai chicken soup
Tasty pork broth with roasted tomatoes
Pork shrimp soup

White chicken chilli
baked penne and meatballs
Spaghetti with meatballs
Chicken cacciatore
Quails in cannelini sauce
Pork loin with sundried tomato and oregano
lamb meatballs with tomato and tamarind sauce
chicken and rocket sausages with warm tomato sauce
Osso bucco
Turkey in osso bucco sauce
Veal inoltini
Sundried tomato pesto
Steamy orange soy chicken
Minted orange chicken
Lemon chicken pancakes
Chicken with prunes
Creamy veal with apples and rosemary
Chinese pepper steak
Moroccan lamb
Mongolian lamb
Teriyaki beef with soba noodles
Chicken biryani
Lamb biryani
Ghee (clarified butter)
Chicken peanut curry
Chicken jalfrezi
Curried sausages
Curried mince
Indian lamb curry
Lamb korma
Chicken and bacon rolls
Pesto chicken parcles
Spicy beef and corn scone cobbler
Soutzoukakia with rice
Mediterranean lamb burgers
Aussie meat pies
Angel hair pasta with chorizo and almonda
Chunky beef chilli
Chicken enfrijoladas
sourcream and chicken enchiladas
chorizo and lime fajitas with red onion relish
Kangalanga lasagne
Five spice sweet and sour meatballs
Steak tartare
Squisito capretto
Rabbit with pistachio and truffle stuffing
Red wine braised rabbit
Lamb stew with feta
Irish stew
Chicken and olive braise

Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Review - $4 Choc mud cake, Budget busters
« on: March 26, 2010, 06:52:32 am »
Budget busters
$4 Choc mud cake

Great texture - just like bought mud cake. Very moist.
Very quick and easy just mix all ingredients together.
It does freeze well and thawed pieces are just like the fresh ones, so perfect for quick snacks and lunch boxes.
Lacking a bit in chocolate flavour - but I like mine rich - So would up the cocoa a bit next time.
Would be a great birthday cake or served with custard or ice cream as a desert.


Chicken, Leek and corn pie,
Budget busters book

Just wondering if anyone uses their TM for professional cake decorating? Someone has asked whether fondant and gum paste can be made well in the TM.

Cookbook Contents / Varoma "Full steam ahead" cookbook contents
« on: February 04, 2010, 04:34:49 am »
Varoma cookbook contents

Vegetable salt
Meat stock
Veggi stock

Salad sicily style
Russian salad
Spelt and chicken salad
Omelette with potatoes
Eggs en cocotte with spinach
Blue cheese flan
Mussels in a hot tomato sauce
Mussels with ming flavour
Seafood bisque
Cuecumber cream soup with prawn skewers
Lamb's lettuce cream soup
Beetroot cream soup with horseradish dumplings
Spinach potato soup with royale custard
Chickpea soup with spinach
Chicken galantine
Veal meat loaf with dried fruit and nuts
Three meat roulade
Foie fras with reduction of sweet wine sauce
Dim sum and steamed dumplings

Sardines en papillote
 Gilthead in salt crust
 Salt cod in milk
Salt cod with tomato and potatoes
Corgette cream with sole fillets
Pike-perch fillet in salad basket with feta-lemon sauce
Fresh tuna rolls with potato salad
Salmon with salmon mousse stuffing and mango sauce
Tuna huelva style
Spaghettl with clams
Prawn couscous with bisque
Mediterranean seafood rice with chorizo

Meat ring country style
Cannelloni with minced meat and vegetable sauce
Pork filet with pineapple and vegetables
Smoked loin of pork with sauerkrout and potatoes
Poultry and veal meat loaf with side dishes
Salad with chicken, cheese and tofu
Chicken marinated with summer vegetables
Lemon chicken on celery sauce
Liver skewers with rice and peppers
Turkey rolls with sweet and sour sauce
Rabbit mediterranean style
Moroccan couscous with saffron
Raciloi with sweet ricotta filling and lamb ragout

Dumpling variation with mushroom sauce
Lentil moussaka
vegetables curry
Stuffed cabbage with porcini mushroom sauce
Rice with asparagus and zabaglione
Assorted vegetables with rice and yoghurt sauce
Ratatouille terrine

Carrots and courgette tagliatelle
Broccoli with black olives
Pepper salad
Broccoli terrine
Green bean bundles and potatoes
Eggs, boiled or steamned
Steamed bread

Apples with cider zabaglione
Pears with chocolate hearts
Peaches with basil
Caramel custard
Chocolate custard
Chocolate pudding suprise
Spanish french toast
Chocolate yeast dumplings iwth cherry sauce
Pears in red wine
Chestnuts in vanilla syrup

Cookbook Contents / Entertaining with Nico recipe booklet contents
« on: February 04, 2010, 03:55:32 am »
Entertaining with Nico recipe booklet contents

Ceasar salad dressing
bouron BBQ glaze
Steamed Thai fish cakes
Thai chilli chicken and basil
Berry and lime butter stack
Summer fruit crumble
coconut cake
Mango chilli eye-opener shot
Frozen Daiquiri
Quick tomato salsa
Orange and fennel salad
Italian lemon rice soup
Mini Arancini balls
Creole Meatballs
Pumpkin, feta and Zucchini quiche
Nico's mashed potatoes
Frozen mojito cheesecake
Steamed spiced quince
White chocolate pannacotta

Cookbook Contents / Healthy eating with Cyndi O'Meara Contents
« on: February 04, 2010, 03:52:43 am »
Healthy eating with Cyndi O'Meara Contents

Protine shake
Cyndi's ginger beer
Yeast free ginger beer
Citrus dressing
Orange marinade
Greek lamb marinade
Chilli lime dressing
Basil mayo
Coriander salsa
Sweet chilli sauce
Advocado dip
Yoghurt cheese
Horseradish dip
Cucumber dip
White bean dip
Cyndi's coleslaw
Cyndi's sandwich mix
Yellow split pea soup
Lentil hotpot
Yummy frittata with coriander chilli sauce
Zucchini slice
Savoury apple couscous
Millet medley
Mexican layered chilli dip
Refried beans
Chilli con carne
Chilli taco salad
vegetarian sausage rolls
Cyndi O'Meara carrot mushroom loaf
Phad thai noodles
Layered vegetable bake
Vegetarian lasagne
Vegetable stew
Chickpea and vegetable curry
Organic corned beef with orange sauce
Steamed fish with potato mash
Marinated chicken with broccoli
Atlantic salmon
Poached perch
Herb bread
Tapioca pudding
 Rice pudding
Pineapple upside down cake
Jam muffins
Date loaf

Cookbook Contents / Festive flavour Cookbook contents
« on: February 04, 2010, 03:44:04 am »
Festive Flavour recipes

Almond cheese ball
Bola de quesos
Take some cream cheese......(several dip recipes using cream cheese as a base)
Warm brie with basil lemon dressing
 Beetroot, parmesan and cashew dip
Curry dip
Christmas pate
Christmas slaw
Basic waldorf salad
Christmas waldorf salad
Steamed beetroot salad
Chicken and potato salad with sundried tomato dressing
Lemon and hazelnut pangrattato
Apricot turkey stuffing
Steamed greens wtih feta and lemon
Cucumber soup
lettuce soup
Pork and chicken christmas terrine
Hol salmon quiche
Herb and garlic pull apart bread
soft buttery pretzels
Macadamia parmesan shortbread wafers
Easy walnut and blue cheese shortbread
Almond addiction
Chocolate hazelnut kisses
Dired fruit compote
Ricotta blissballs
Brandy cream sauce
Marzipan stars
Fruit pear mince tarts
 Fruity pear mince baby croissant
Panforte ice cream
Little steamed christmas puds
Christmas bread and butter pudding
Chocolate hazelnut cake
Epiphany ring
Greek new years eve coin cake
Frangipane fruit slice
Whicked chocolate fudge
$250 chocolate chunk cookies
Gingerbread biscuits
Red and green christmas shortbread
Chocolate sorbet
Berry merry punchy sorbet
Strawberry coolers
Sangria punch
Cranberry vanilla sparklers
Santa's naughty nog
Eggnog liquer

Lunch box and after school ideas contents

Thermo fruit rolls
Popcorn brunch bars
LTM'S (little thermomix munchies)
Sunshine balls
Caramel slice
Dirt puddings
Basic muffin mix
Muffin variations - Banana choc chip
               - spiced pumpkin muffins
               - cheese muffins
Pineapple and coconut cake
Ice cream cup cakes
Instant banana ice cream
Pash'n' mango icy poles
Crunchy rice crackers
Corn chips (Baked not fried)
Melted cheese dip
Ham and cheese muffins
Tomato instant real noodle soup
Piroshki baguette
Herby chicken nuggets
Hedgehog meatballs
Pizza pockets

Cookbook Contents / Budget Busters Recipe booklet contents
« on: February 04, 2010, 03:29:34 am »
Budget Busters Booklet recipes

Curried chick pea and lentil stew
Chicken, leek and corn pie
White Fish chowder
Chicken and pasta salad with Garlic dressing
Flaky filo spiniach slice
Beef stew with buttermilk dumplings
Tuscan Bread and tomato soup
Chinese steamed buns
Tuna empanada
Curried beef mince with cabbage
Coconut Chicken
Tuna mornay
Chicken Picadillo
Lemon delicious
Baked choc-cinnamon pudding
plum clafouti
White choc walnut bites
Date and lime cake
Caramel choumeur
Raspberry and lemon flan
melting choc puddings
Spiced apple custard pie
Quarter cake
The $4 choc mud cake
Cinnamon ice cream

AND lot of other tips and hints for saving with TM

Main Dishes / Mustard brandy chicken from NEW GF cookbook
« on: February 02, 2010, 12:22:27 am »
Posting this one for those of you who have an older edition of the GF cookbook. (On page 40 in current edition)
Might have to compare indexes and see if there are any other different ones. (This one doesn't have the stir fry chicken wings)

Number of People: 4-6
4 skinless chicken breasts (or 2 butterflied)
1-2 bunches of asparagus or green beans
40g butter
4 eschalots peeled (I just used 1/2 a brown onion)
60g brandy
60g dry white wine
3 tbsp seeded mustard
300g chicken stock (I used stock concentrate in water)
120g cream
1 tbsp cornflour
salt and pepper to taste
chives as garnish

Prepare chicken by placing it into the varoma dish. Make sure that all the steam vents are not covered
Remove woody bits from asparagus or top and tail beans. Place in varoma tray and set aside.
Plce butter and eschalots into TM bowl and chop for 5 sec on speed 5.
Scrape down sides and saute for 4 min, varoma temp on speed 2.
Add brandy, wine, mustard and stock. Put varoma in place and cook for 15 min, varoma temp, speed 3.
Check that chicken is cooked and slice breasts in half across the grain. Cook for a further 3-5 min inf necessary, but remove vegies and place in warming dish.
Place chicken in to thermoserver and add cream and cornflour to TM bowl. Blend for 5 sec on speed 7.
Cook for 2 min at temp 90 on speed 3.
Pour over chicken, adjust seasoning and sprinkle with chives.
Serve with vegies and mashed potato or rice.



When I made this I also cooked some potato in the strainer at the same time and sliced the chicken in to strips so it didnt increase the cooking time by too much. In the end it needed an extra 5 min but was a good thing as it reduced the potency of the brandy and made it delicious.

Other suggestions.

1. Instead of white wine I used verjuice.

2. I used a pack of 3 chicken steaks from Foodland so they were a lot thinner than chicken fillets.  Cooked them 15 minutes, placed in the thermosaver with the snow peas that had been cooking in the varoma tray and continued cooking the carrot and pumpkin in the steaming basket & the cauliflower in the varoma tray. Need another 10 minutes cooking before I made the delicious sauce.  Have enough sauce leftover to accompany another dish. I reheated some mashed potato from yesterday in the microwave.

members' comments

marmee - Oh yum!  Thank you so much for sharing!

JD - This was delicious - thanks so much for posting the recipe. I used a pack of 3 chicken steaks from Foodland so they were a lot thinner than chicken fillets.  Cooked them 15 minutes, placed in the thermosaver with the snow peas that had been cooking in the varoma tray and continued cooking the carrot and pumpkin in the steaming basket & the cauliflower in the varoma tray. Need another 10 minutes cooking before I made the delicious sauce.  Have enough sauce leftover to accompany another dish. I reheated some mashed potato from yesterday in the microwave.  Yum!

cookie -  it is lovely. I cut up some potatoes and put them in the basket and we had beans, carrot and asparagus in the varoma with the chicken. We really enjoyed it and DH even said this would be a lovely recipe for caravan travelling. Instead of white wine I used verjuice as I didn't have any wine opened and didn't want to open one especially.

Chit Chat / new blogs and recipe sites
« on: January 20, 2010, 02:28:19 am »
I am updating my website at the moment as I know there are lots of new blogs/sites that i dont have links for. If you have a blog or website that you want me to add a link to please let me know.

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