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Recipe conversion
« on: December 02, 2008, 11:48:25 am »
I don't know whether it's just the state that my brain is in or what, but sometimes I can look at a recipe and convert it easily, and sometimes I get stumped  :o

There's a recipe in the supermarket magazine which looks nice - Lemon-curd ricotta cake.  In fairness to my brain, I don't even know if it's possible to do a 'fold in ' mix in the TM?  Is this a recipe which is simply easier to do by hand?  I always used to cop out of doing cakes in the TM, as I didn't really know how to do it, but I'm determined to learn how to do them - at least those which are practical for a TM!  Can anyone convert the following?

4 eggs, separated
150g caster sugar
200g hazelnuts, ground
3 tbsp self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
25g poppy seeds
4 tbsp lemon curd

Ricotta cream:
500g ricotta
4 tbsp lemon curd
zest of 1 lemon to decorate

1.  preheat the oven to 180oC, fan 170oC.  Grease 2 x 20cm cake tins, lined with greaseproof paper
2. cream the egg yolks with the sugar until pale and creamy
3. whisk the egg whites to soft peaks and fold into the yolks and sugar along with the ground nuts, flour, baking power, poppy seeds and lemon curd.
4. Divide the mixture between the tins and bake for 20 mins until springs back.  Meanwhile, make the cream:
5. Blend the ricotta with the lemon curd and chill for 2 hours until the cake has cooled.
6. Remove cakes from tins once cooled.  Spread with half the mixture then sandwich together.  Spread remaining cream on top.  Sprinkle with lemon zest to decorate.
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Re: Recipe conversion
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2008, 08:21:09 pm »
i would probably just do the folding in by hand but the rest by tmx :)

(actually i would probably try doing it using the butterfly and the pulse button, but if that was a disaster then i'd do above the time after)
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Re: Recipe conversion
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2008, 11:23:48 pm »
I would be inclined to do the whites, put aside, then the yolks and sugar and fold in a bowl - TMX is not gentle enough for this type of folding .

The sponge cake recipes that I have seen beat eggwhites with butterfly, than add some sugar and then yolks and then remaining ingreds.  I suppose I need to try more cakes in the TMX - but rarely make cakes - COZ I EAT TOO MUCH !!!  :-[
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