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There's never any white asparagus in my local supermarket so I did a little cost exercise before deciding whether to go with either the fresh green asparagus or white asparagus in a jar options.  It was far cheaper to buy 1 jar of white asparagus weighing 330g than 2 bunches of fresh green asparagus weighing 400 g and the quantity only fell a little short.

Because of slightly less asparagus weight I held back 200 mls of the water.  I didn't peel the potato, didn't add any salt until it was cooked and found it only needed a small quantity because of the VSC. It's not a thick soup and would have been much thinner if I'd added the full quantity of water.

I would double the quantity of potato next time and I was very happy with the taste using a jar of asparagus.  Something that can be kept in the pantry to enable this recipe to be made at any time.

I reduced the sour cream by 20 g because of the other reductions.  As I like drinking thin soups in mugs, this recipe is perfect for that but my quantities would only fill 3 mugs.

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I made half of this recipe (6 patties), used tasty cheese instead of Gouda and ordinary cream instead of sour cream.

I thought the cheese taste was too strong when they were hot but surprisingly, when I tried one cold, it was quite OK.  I still think I'll reduce the cheese by 15 g for half the recipe.

These would be nice made smaller for children's lunch boxes.

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I'm surprised no-one has review this very simple recipe.  It only serves 2 (photo is of the whole recipe) but it's really nice.  It would be a great starter for a dinner party (you could cook the larger quantity of balls in the varoma dish/tray instead of the steaming basket).. You really think it is not going to be tasty as it doesn't use stock but with the addition of the splash of soy sauce mentioned in the Tip section, it is. 

Only change I made was that I added a small sliced bok choy and some mushrooms in with the prawn balls for a bit of veggie.  At the end I removed the prawn balls into the serving bowl, tipped the veggies in with the stock and cooked it for 2 more minutes.

Couple of things though, it says to take a small tablespoon of the prawn puree to make balls measuring 2 cm.  I found 1/2 tsp of the mixture is all you need  to end up with this size.  It made 27 balls which just fit into the base of the steaming basket with a bit of juggling.

I found it a little too salty so would reduce that ingredient from 2 tsp down to 1 or 1.5 tsp next time.

10 g spring onions.   Once the balls are made and in the steaming basket, it says to add the 'remaining spring onions' with the prawn balls??  This is not a lot of spring onion and even if some of it was supposed to go in with the prawn meat before processing, I don't think it would have made any difference to the balls.

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I halved this Potato Gratin recipe, it made 4 serves for the freezer.  Easy to make then bake for a further 15 minutes and although my potato slices did break up it hasn't detracted from the taste or look of the dish.

I used 500 g potatoes, 300 mls cream and cooked them for 13 minutes, starting off on speed 1 as soft speed wasn't moving the potatoes enough.  Once they'd softened a bit I reduced the speed to soft speed, maybe this is why my slices are not as together as the picture in the book.

I like some sliced spring onions in my potato gratin, would add them next time and cut the potato slices a minimum of 3 mm thick. 

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These looked so nice in the book and were so easy to make so off to the shops to buy the tapioca flour and gruyere cheese, none available so I substituted with Swiss cheese.

 I was unable to 'mold into walnut sized balls' as my mixture was more like a pancake batter.  Not sure if I did something wrong but I had seen pictures of this recipe made in mini muffins tins so I went down that path.  I will definitely make this recipe again as I have plenty of tapioca flour to use up and it will be interesting to see how the next lot of mixture turns out.

My mixture made 35 (not 25 as per recipe) of the most delightful little puffs, hard on the outside and soft on the inside.  I cooked them for 20 minutes and they remind me of Yorkshire puddings, a cheesy version.  I've turned some over to show the hole in the bottom which could be filled with gravy if you use these to accompany a roast.  They are delicious just eaten warm straight out off the tray and would be the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of soup. 

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A simple but very tasty carrot soup.  The orange juice gives it a slight sweetness and the ginger enhances it as well (mine had been soaked in vodka to preserve it so it was probably tastier  ;))  I didn't add any salt as I used VSC and I used milk instead of creme fraiche.  It's a thin soup so you could serve it in a mug.

Recipe makes 1 litre.

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This recipe is simply named 'Salmon Fillet' and it is a very simple but tasty dish.  I did make some changes to the recipe as under as it was such a shame to waste all that steam and not cook more veggies.

This recipe would serve 4 people using 175 g pieces of salmon and the veggies being placed in both the steaming basket and varoma dish. The fish could be cooked on the varoma tray, maybe taking slightly more time to cook than if it's placed in the varoma dish.   I only cooked for myself but did make the whole quantity of the dressing.  It was really nice on both the salmon and the veggies.

I skipped the boiled egg part, I really couldn't see that going with the rest of the dish.  Maybe I'm wrong and it may have added something but I preferred to add a lot more vegetables to the steaming basket rather than what was in the recipe.

Small pieces of cauli, broccoli, carrot strips and small chunks of potato into the steaming basket.  I added 1 litre boiling water to the TM bowl, inserted the basket of vegies and cooked them for 14 mins/varoma/speed 3 (the recipes uses speed 2 but I like more steam).

My piece of salmon weighed 130g.  I placed that in the varoma dish which I had sprayed with oil for easier cleaning then once the veggie time had expired I added that into place, reset the timer and cooked everything for another 5 mins/varoma/speed 3.

This type of meal goes cold very quickly so I placed my plate on top of the varoma lid to warm up during the cooking process.

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For the latest challenge I grabbed this book as there have been very few recipes reviewed.  I chose this one as I had all ingredients.

At the beginning of this book (and probably in most of the early recipe books) it says all recipes serve 4-6 people but I prefer to see each recipe's serving quantities listed on the actual recipe.  There is a big difference between 4 & 6 serves, especially when they don't even tell you how many pancakes to make.

This recipe is a cold recipe to be used as an entree but it's not something I would serve my guests in this form.  The pancake mixture is strange, it uses 3 egg whites.  It was a very thick mixture, hard to swirl  around and cover the base of my 26 cm non-stick pan.  The pancakes ended up thicker than I would have liked, more like large pikelets.  I would suggest using your normal pancake mixture, the thinner the better.

The filling was fine although I did reduce the sun-dried tomatoes down to 40 g and the capers down to 20 g as I'm not overly fond of either of those ingredients even though I did have them in the pantry.  These quantities worked well for me. You need to chop larger pieces of sun-dried tomatoes before placing them in the TM bowl as the chopping time is too short to do it properly.

I had 1 pancake for lunch, for tea I spread some of the mixture onto hot, buttered toast and did the same for breakfast this morning.  This is my preferred use of this mixture and I'd say it would be nice on crackers too.  I would serve this to visitors as part of a dip offering.

Update - yes the mixture is nice on crackers.

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Thanks Katie for providing the link.

6 Introduction
7 Symbols & standards
236 Index

54 Beef stew with buttermilk
56 Lamb korma
58 Chilli beef with lemon feta
60 Lamb Moussaka
62 Veal pizzaiola
64 Sweet and sour meatballs
with vegetables
66 Turkey patties
68 Chicken Tikka Masala and
saffron rice
70 Chorizo and chicken pasta
72 Moroccan chicken and couscous
salad with sweet potato soup
74 Italian chicken and couscous salad
with chickpea soup
76 Layered chicken dinner
78 Sour cream and chicken enchiladas
80 Chicken and cashews
82 Zucchini slice

84 Ricotta dumplings with
Napoli sauce
86 Pizza Bianca
88 Aglio olio e peperoncino
90 Feta, spinach and potato frittata
92 Silverbeet quiche with oat and
Parmesan crust
94 Pulse and pumpkin curry
96 Tomato pasta with vegetables
and feta

98 Fish pie with mashed potato topping
100 Garlic prawns
102 Balinese prawn curry
104 Mussels in coconut milk
106 Pasta with tuna
108 Salmon filo spiral

112 Crunchy carrot salad
114 Brown rice salad
116 Fennel, freekeh and orange salad
118 Mediterranean pasta salad
120 Spiced labne with pumpkin and
rocket salad
122 Thai beef salad
124 Sushi salad

128 Home-style soda bread with
spring onion
130 Gluten free grain free bread rolls
132 Spelt bread rolls
134 Three cheese spinach scrolls
136 Easy everyday white bread
138 Naan bread
140 Macadamia and Parmesan biscuits
141 Iced puff pastry
142 Sour cream pastry
144 Almond pastry

10 Tapioca fruit cereal
12 Blueberry breakfast buns
14 Apple and cinnamon muffins
16 Vanilla and honey granola
18 Breakfast bars
20 Savoury crêpes
22 Hash browns

26 Apple and ginger paste
28 Dukkah
30 Herbed chicken hors d’oeuvres
32 Caramelised fennel and ricotta tarts
with Parmesan crisps
34 Caspsicum and sun-dried tomato dip
36 Tapenade
36 Chunky basil pesto dip
37 Creamy sun-dried tomato dip
38 Tzatziki dip
40 Tomato and red lentil soup
42 Cauliflower soup with bacon dust
44 Pea and ham soup
46 Fish soup
48 Chicken and sweet corn soup
50 Carrot and coriander soup

148 Garlic and herb butter
150 Red onion relish
151 Caramelised balsamic reduction
152 Caesar salad dressing
153 French dressing
154 Rosemary and eschalot gravy
155 Honey, soy and mustard marinade
156 Arrabbiata sauce
157 Tartare sauce

158 Salted caramel sauce
160 Star anise & cinnamon syrup
162 Mixed berry jam
164 Coppa del nonno
166 Cream cheese frosting
168 Dark chocolate frosting

188 Baked cherry cheesecake
190 Brown sugar kumera cake
192 Sultana, apple and custard scrolls
194 Decadent dark chocolate brownies
196 Chocolate fondants
198 Meringues
200 Buttermilk scones
202 Quick almond biscuits
204 Stone fruit crumble
206 Coconut butter cake
208 Classic lemon tart
210 Apple tea cakes
212 Chocolate cupcakes
214 Fruity pear mince tarts
216 Festive fruit cake

172 Rocky road with vanilla bean
174 Steamed white chocolate
176 Steamed ginger puddings
178 Lemon cupcakes with citrus syrup
180 Quick blueberry ice cream
182 Honeycomb ice cream slice
184 Semi-freddo with marbled kiwi coulis

220 Cloudy apple juice
221 Berry breakfast smoothie
222 Green juice
223 Frappé coffee
224 Berry cordial
226 Slushie-style juice
228 Peach Bellini
230 Mojito-style cocktail
232 Mango daiquiri
234 Mulled wine

Cakes / Individual sultana cakes
« on: June 20, 2015, 12:36:13 pm »
Another recipe for the mini loaf tin challenge.

SULTANA CAKES – makes 12 individual cakes

200 g sultanas
60 g brandy
125 g water, divided
1 tsp cornflour
125 g butter (room temperature & chopped) or margarine
90 g castor sugar
2 eggs
155 g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder

Preheated oven 160o fan forced.
Grease a mini loaf tin well – I used cake release

Place the sultanas, brandy and half the water in the TM bowl.
Cook 6 minutes/varoma/reverse/speed 1/MC off.

Mix the cornflour and the remaining water together, add to the bowl and cook 1.5 min/100o/reverse/speed 1/MC on.

Remove the thickened mixture to a deep plate, push cling film down onto the surface and place in the fridge.

Cream butter & castor sugar 3 mins/speed 3.
Add eggs and mix 30 sec/speed 3.
Add flour and baking powder and knead 30 seconds.
Fold in sultana mix with a spatula.

Fill the holes of the mini loaf tin to the top of the hole and bake 20 minutes in the centre of the oven.  A skewer inserted into the centre should come out clean at this stage.

Remove from oven and leave in the tin for 5 minutes before placing on a wire rack to cool completely.

This is based on a Merle Parrish recipe from a book called Merle’s Kitchen.

Cakes / Chocolate slice
« on: June 20, 2015, 08:37:08 am »
This recipe is converted from a W.W. small book called Chocolate Classics and was perfect for our mini tin challenge.  Ingredient list easy too, most of us would have all ingredients on hand for this one.

Preheat oven to 160o fan forced and grease a mini loaf tin well.  I used cake release.
125g cubed butter
1 egg, lightly beaten
200 g dark brown sugar (original recipe calls for light but dark was all I had)
1 tsp vanilla extract
75 g plain flour
35 g Self raising flour
2 tbspns cocoa powder
45 g desiccated coconut
Extra coconut for topping

10g butter
6 tsp hot water
160 g icing sugar
2 tbspns cocoa powder


Melt butter 2 mins/100o/speed 1.

Add egg, vanilla and sugar to the melted butter and mix 20 sec/speed 4.

Add flours, cocoa powder and coconut and knead 10 seconds, scrape down sides and knead a further 10 seconds.

Fill each hole with 1 heaped tablespoon of the mixture and bake 22 mins in the middle of the oven.

Remove from oven and immediately spread 1 teaspoon of the icing over the top. Sprinkle with extra coconut and cool in pan before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.

Melt butter 1 min/100o/speed 1.
Add the hot water, icing sugar and cocoa powder.
Mix 30 sec/speed 3

Vegetarian / Cheese & Bacon Hash Browns
« on: June 15, 2015, 09:10:06 am »
Cheese & bacon Hash Browns – makes 12  (Bacon can be omitted for vegetarians.)

These are best made in advance and reheated as they become nice and crisp like a large ‘potato gem’ (I’ve never bought frozen hash browns).  Crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. I reheated mine in the air fryer - 20 minutes 190oC.

100g cheddar cheese, cut into chunks
85g eye of a bacon rasher – 5 pieces approx. Cut into 6 pieces.
2.5 tblspns olive oil, divided
3 x 200 – 240g potatoes (peeled weight)  See note below.
¾ tsp salt
Ground pepper to taste

Grate the cheese 3 sec/speed 8.  Remove from bowl.
Add the pieces of bacon to the TM bowl and chop 1 sec/speed 4.  Cut any remaining larger pieces by hand before adding 2 tspns oil to the bowl. 
Sautee 5 mins/100o/spoon speed/reverse.  Set aside.

Cool the TM bowl by filling with cold water and wiping out with paper towel.

Working with only 1 potato at a time, cut larger ones into 8 pieces (weighing approx 40g).  Place  the pieces of 1 potato only into the TM bowl and chop 2 sec/speed 5, scrape down sides and chop 1 sec/speed 5. If you are happy with the grate after 2 seconds, then skip the second shorter chopping but for me these times and potato weights worked perfectly.  See note.

Place the grated potato into the steaming basket set in water then grate the remaining 2 potatoes the same way.  This will remove the starch and prevent the potato going  brown whilst you do the next 2.
Rinse the contents of the steaming basket under running water for a few seconds until it runs clear then taking 1 large handful at a time, squeeze out the excess water and place potato into the TM bowl.

Add the bacon, 2 tbspns oil, S & P and the cheese.  Mix 10 sec/reverse/speed 3.  Tip the mixture into a large bowl as it will be easier to work with, giving it an extra stir if ingredients are not combined properly.

At this stage preheat the oven to 180oC.

Grease a 12 hole 4.5cm x 6cm mini loaf tray.

Fill each hollow with 1/3 cup of the potato mixture.  Press down firmly with the back of a spoon.

Bake  30 – 35 minutes.  Mine took 35 minutes on the rack just above the centre of the oven.  Leave sit for 5 minutes before removing from the tin.

This is a Thermomix adaption of a recipe by RecipeTin Eats.

I like the fact that these can be made in advance then reheated in the oven to crisp up again.  You need the second reheating out of the tin to crisp up the bottom of the hash brown.

 They are also suitable to freeze once cooked.  To reheat, thaw in fridge and crisp up for 15-20 minutes in a 190oC oven.

Potatoes – you must use starchy potatoes for this recipe.  I used one suggested which is the brushed potatoes (with dirt on them) called Sebago. The grating time is perfect for my machine.  If you have a new machine or new blades, the chopping may be sufficient after the 2 seconds.  I tried 2 sec/speed 6 and it turned into pulp!

Next time I make these I'm going to leave out the cheese and bacon and use butter instead of olive oil as I can't see why that won't work.  It will be quicker, cheaper to make and have less calories.  I'll let you know how I go.

News about Thermomix / Another giveaway competition
« on: June 06, 2015, 04:14:05 am »
Monika has just delivered for a forum giveway 2 copies of 'Cooking for me and you' which contains recipes for one or two people.  We have given this book away before but this time we also have the chip for the TM5 to go with it.

Rules are as under

1)  Limit of 1 entry per person.

2) Only members with a minimum of 30 postings as at 5/6/15 are eligible to enter and the competition is only open to Australian forum members.

3)  To post an entry, please post your name and give yourself a number eg I'm Lucy and I'm No. 1.  The numbers must be consecutive. You may make a comment with your posting but comments can only be made within your entry.  Any comment only postings will be deleted as will any entry which does not comply with the rules.  Moderators are an exception to this rule  ;D

4)  The competition closes at midnight  Western Australia time on the 19th June 2015 and the winners will be drawn by MM as soon as possible thereafter.

I had a visit from Monika, our Regional Manager this morning with 2 books I'd ordered.  Once again Monika has given me some books to give away on the forum for our Australian/Tasmanian members.  I will split them into 2 topics as some of you may already have one or the other and will only want to put an entry in for the one you do not have.

The first one is the latest Thermomix book 'Something for Everyone' by Louise Fulton Keats.

The rules of this competition are

1)  Limit of 1 entry per person.

2) Only members with a minimum of 30 postings as of 5/6/15 are eligible to enter and the competition is only open to forum members from Australia including Tasmania.

3)  To post an entry, please post your name and give yourself a number eg I'm Lucy and I'm No. 1.  The numbers must be consecutive. You may make a comment with your posting but comments can only be made within your entry.  Any comment only postings will be deleted as will any entry which does not comply with the rules.  Moderators are an exception to this rule   ;D

4)  The competition closes at midnight  West Australian time on the 19th June 2015 and the winners will be drawn by MM as soon as possible thereafter.

This book is available here


Indian Cauliflower Rice Page 7

Chicken Biryani Page 9

Butter Chicken Page 11

Chicken Tikka Masala Page 13

Sambal Udang Page 15

Beef Madras Page 17

Beef Vindaloo Page 19

Bhuna Gosht Page 21

Lamb Korma Page 23

Mango Lassi Whip Page 25

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