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Made this afternoon for dinner. It's a very tasty soup & we really enjoyed the tortellini addition to the soup. There was a lot of liquid at the end of the cooking time but I put it in the thermoserver. We had it a couple of hours later and it had thickened up lovely.
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Condiments and Sauces / Tomato Paste Concentrate
« on: July 23, 2014, 02:09:50 pm »
I bought some cheap tomato's at the market as I needed to make some more tomato paste concentrate as we are avoiding the store bought version if possible because of my DH's food in tolerances. 

I couldn't remember which recipe I had used previously but came across the following on the recipe community - tomato paste concentrate

It was easy to make and both DH & I like the taste.  I divided the recipe into portions and put them in the freezer, so far I have used it in Quirky Jo's bolognese sauce. 

Made this on the weekend and was easy to make. The only problem I had was the bottom burnt badly so the speed might need to be increased?? I have frozen it in portions & yet to use so the real test will be when I do use it in a recipe.

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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Coconut Yoghut - pg 27 Quirky Cooking
« on: May 27, 2014, 12:21:53 am »
We made this on the weekend & it's the first coconut yoghurt recipe that has turned out thick. It is quiet a lengthy process but not difficult to make and with coconut yoghurt being so expensive to buy we are determine to make it a home.  The only change we made was to use store bought coconut yoghurt that our health food store makes as a starter (4 teaspoons) instead of probiotics. Instead of the dehydrator we put in our car fridge that heats. End result was a nice thick creamy texture. Taste wise it's more creamy than yoghurt & after reading other yoghurt recipes I think we need to put more starter in but so far this is our best result.

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Made this Saturday night as a birthday cake for yesterday. It was easy to make just took time as each layer you put in the freezer but bonus was last night other than taking it out of the freezer to defrost I didn't have to worry about doing anything more.

It turned out really good. It was delicious enjoyed by all (even my 21 month DD who is not a sweet person) & they were surprised there was no cheese or dairy in it.

Will definitely make again.

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After GF early post about chai tea I thought I give this a go last night.  It's dairy free & uses cashews/almonds as the base to make nut milk.  I used cashews nuts. It was more vanilla than Chai to me but this maybe because some of my spices were old.  Looking at the various recipes GF posted I think I will use this as a base & experiment a bit with flavours.

All in all it's makes a lovely bed time drink & also was good reheated today.  

It's great to have a dairy free option.

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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Nut Butter - pg 32 Quirky Cooking
« on: May 21, 2014, 02:09:26 pm »
This is very easy to make. The nuts I used were cashews, hazelnuts & macadamias.

Initially it came out very oily compared with the one out the toddler book which is very dry.  After a couple of days it's a nice spreadable texture.  

DH loved this (as he loves peanut butter which is something he avoids), I really like but would cut back on the salt next time, where as DH was happy with the salt.

This will become a standard item for us because of DH love for peanut butter & next time I will probably adjust the salt & the also the oil if I mainly use macadamias again.

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We made this tonight raspberry & blueberry & it was very yummy. A tip I learnt from my consultant when making it the blades aren't turning easily just add a little water until it starts to blend.
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Finally got to make my first recipe from the new Quirky Cooking book & decided to give the whole Chinese chicken a go seeing roast chicken was the plan for tonight.

Both DH & I loved it and found it a nice change to roast chicken. It's the first time I tried a whole chicken in TM & it cooked beautifully.

I didn't do the rice as when I went to get it from the pantry I realised I had none. So went with the veggies as noodles instead. If you were feeding a family you would need the rice but for 2 of us it was plenty.

The chilli ginger sauce rounds of the meal. I put a teaspoon of dried chilli flakes in (as I didn't have fresh) it the chilli flavour was mild & suited me.

We have enough chicken for DH lunch tomorrow, frozen 2 servings of the sauce, 600 ml stock left & veggies used in the stock ... so definitely get a lot out of it.

On the list to make again and great alternative to roast chicken.
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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Apple Berry Crumble - Baby & Toddler Book
« on: April 22, 2014, 03:04:22 pm »
We have apples from my parents tree so it was a good opportunity to try this recipe tonight for desert. It was easy to make & made no changes to the recipe. Served it with some custard. My little girl is the only one that hasn't tried it as she was in bed but all the adults enjoyed it. It would work really well in small ramekins & frozen.

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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / EDC new - Sangria pg 190
« on: December 17, 2013, 12:18:04 pm »
I made this for a BBQ a couple of weeks ago.

I made the recipe up until you had to add the lemonade, put the sangria concentrate in a bottle & took it with me. At the BBQ we just added some of the concentrate to a glass & top with lemonade ... It worked a treat & tasted lovely on a warm night 😄😢

Note: I used Pinot Noir & didn't change anything in the recipe.

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Made these today for our lunch and everyone love them.  Easy to make and enough left over to freeze for another meal.
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I made this tonight for the whole family and it was enjoyed by my 1 year old, DH & I.

It is really simple to make including the cheesy béchamel sauce (on the same page of the book).  I chopped up finally some cauliflower as well as the peas in the recipe which my daughter loves but not her parents  :), so we were all good eating our veggies.  I have freeze what was left.

Definitely will becoming a regular and going forward I will add different veggies.

I forgot to take a picture :(

Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / MC Splintering
« on: August 24, 2013, 11:42:38 am »
I got my TM early May this year and after about the second use the MC started to splintered ending up like the picture.  I finally got around to contacting my consultant this week (as I didn't want to bother her as she had a baby not long after I received it) and she replaced it today as apparently they have had a faulty batch go through.  So if this happens to you contact your consultant to get it replaced.

Made this yesterday for my 10 month daughter & another winner with her.  I'm really enjoying this book.

It was simple to make.  The only change I made was to use 40g of cream cheese instead of 50g just because I had the philadelphia mini tubs.  Next time I think I will puree as much for my daughter.

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