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Cakes / Re: Creamy Vanilla Frosting via ILB
« on: September 01, 2013, 04:21:37 am »
I used this icing and the cling film trick to make these little beauties, I added some strawberry sauce that I had in the fridge that I had made the day before, which was just like strawberry ice cream topping. The cup cakes were a white chocolate mud cake non thermomix. They went down a treat at work. Thanks for everyone that contributed to this thread as you also contributed to my success.

Got my third lid yesterday and used it last night, so far no rocking. Maybe they have worked it out now.

Yes my new MC is on its way! Should arrive today I think. Mine is just holding together.

I was wondering if I could cook some rice in the basket to go with this meal at the same time as cooking the fish? With the sauce contents in the water at the same time, what are your thoughts? Would it make the sauce too starchy?

Mine was rocking and my consultant got me a new one quick smart. I was rather impressed, then I used my new one and away we go again, rocking its little heart out.

My lovely consultant has leant me hers until we get this sorted out, she took my two wobbley ones and is going to talk to head office.

Thanks Judydawn,

I just wish I didn't have to work full-time, so I could cook more :)

Introduce Yourself / New User name Nearly There to Lovely-lindaloo
« on: June 20, 2013, 06:05:38 am »
I was in a rush when I registered and although Nearly There seemed like a good idea at the time. It got old quick, so I have updated my name to a Tag I have had for many years (Don't know why I didn't use it to begin with) So Hi from Lovely-lindaloo. I have had my thermomix for just over 2 weeks now and have made

Hainanese Rice & Chicken X 2
3 different bread recipes
Olive and Sundried tomato scrolls
Cornflake biscuits
Cranberry and white chocolate biscuits
Mash potato
Chopped veggies for cottage pie.
Sweet chilli Sauce
Sous Vide eggs
Vegie patties
Wholemeal Rhubarb & Almond Muffins
Broccoli & Spinach soup
Cajun Pumpkin soup
Cauliflower & Leek soup
Porridge every work morning
Matcha Tea Latte
Butter with grapeseed oil
Fruit bread
Chicken mushroom and bacon risotto
Steamed ginger syrup pudding

Needless to say I am having a great time and have a long list of things I want to make NEXT LOL.

I love checking out this forum and find that time gets away from me once I start looking around.

Thanks Judydawn,

My name is now updated. I will go back into introduce yourself and let all know. Thanks for your help


I was in a rush to register when I did, and although at the time I liked the name NearlyThere, Now I want to change it, is that possible?

Desserts / Re: Steamed Pudding using the Varoma
« on: June 19, 2013, 07:39:22 am »
lol, glad we are no alone  ;D

Soups / Re: Quick Chicken Laksa
« on: June 19, 2013, 07:32:32 am »
Thanks Judydawn, yes I have had R2 for two weeks now and having a ball, but I really need to use what's in the freezer and pantry, so I will be swapping lots of ingredients till I get my stocks down. :) (Think I may have a food hoarding issue)  My grocery shopping has changed so much. After I went to the farmers market last weekend I went to the supermarket and only got a couple of things. I am just lovin that. 

Soups / Re: Quick Chicken Laksa
« on: June 19, 2013, 05:46:12 am »
Made this last night with what I had at home, so it had some prawns and a couple of scallops, with some capsicum, fennel, zuccini and carrot in it. Next time I will have some tofu on hand thanks for the tip Denzelmum. I will also make it with coconut milk I have made myself to help keep it lighter.  It was very nice and very quick. Love it for a week night.

Soups / Re: Quick Chicken Laksa
« on: June 18, 2013, 05:35:07 am »
Hi Denzelmum, Is that bread or tofu you have in those bowls?

Desserts / Re: Steamed Pudding using the Varoma
« on: June 18, 2013, 05:28:31 am »
My puddings turned out great, we must be little piggy's though as I make the mix that was suppose to serve 4 and as there was only the three of us I divided it up into three ramekins, I would have been disappointed if it was any smaller LOL. I put about 1 tablespoon of syrup in each and could have put maybe 2. I just added some straight on top as I was serving it. The flavour was divine.

Perfect thank you stacelee. I should have googled instead of coming straight here. I just expect to find the answer to all of lives tricky questions here.

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