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Title: Quick Cheese Souffles: Recipe Review TM5 - Basic Cookbook UK Version Page 82
Post by: Nik2WIN on October 04, 2014, 06:50:18 pm
I'd never made a souffle before - they're so scary but these were a snap to make, very easy and very delicious.  They were also quite salty and very rich.  

I can see them being very good for DS1 who is approaching his teen years.  As mentioned before (I hope I don't bore you with it all) he's autistic and ADHD.  His eating is very erratic so if he decides he's going to be spending the evening eating through the cupboards I want it to be high calorie, high protein, high fat rather than a b**ody sandwich or some cereal.  Can you store souffle mixture - I can't see the whole family enjoying them but that's more an indictment on their fussiness than the recipe.

Highly recommend

Nik x
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