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When my kids were small I had a small manual "Miele" siever thingo that mum bought me, and what ever meals I prepared, I would just mush up for the babies and rug rats. I never relied upon manufactured baby food. Our kids are in their late teens and are really healthy, and have never been  fussy eaters or prone to sickness, and/or allergies (cross fingers and toes). I do think that as a result of them eating food that we had prepared and eat on an ongoing basis has helped somewhat for them to be healthy rather than eating commercially prepared food. (Even our dog prefers the home made food to the can maybe because I perhaps go wilder with the Yum Yum noises than when I scrape the can!!) I have always enjoyed home cooked food, because you cannot buy the "love" found in home cooking, and I think this is definitely an ingredient that is hard to find on any supermarket shelf. In hindsight, I wished I had a TM from the year dot. (Another really good thing is a Pressure Cooker (don't be scared, they are brilliant) - and these two kitchen appliances will bring fast, nutritous food onto your dining table). I have found that my pantry appears to be comfortably barer/neater because my ingredients are milled, or prepared more from a basic level and without any more effort that I am aware of. I dunno, but I get a lot of enjoyment at looking at an ingredient after I have whizzed it into another "format" after a few seconds!

Introduce Yourself / Re: I'm a new member to this forum
« on: July 17, 2009, 03:34:44 pm »
I have been away on business for a few days. What a blast to see that people have replied to "my little bit". Am based in Perth. Will definitely give back some recipes that we have converted because its always a good thing to pass on your best recipes. Yes, I would definitely love to have a second machine. I am not a consultant, but I am trying to convince my daughter to become one because she can start her business using mine and then earn to get her own. The only thing is, that she was sort of dissuaded (is that a word??) by our consultant because of her age. I reckon she would be really good, although she is not an "out there" type of person, she does know the machine and lots of recipes and is so passionate that I think she would do quite well. The consultants opinion is that perhaps because of her age, no one would take her seriously.   :-))...would appreciate your opinions? Does anyone have a request for a recipe range, and I will see what we can come up with (what a challenge - lol )

Introduce Yourself / I'm a new member to this forum
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:50:42 pm »
Hi everyone, just joined the forum a few days ago after discovering the site and gleaning lots of recipes. Try and keep me away as I need to have a little look around the recipes every day. Until Christmas Day I had never heard of a Thermomix, but everybody kept raving about it/and the food that day I thought at first they must have been talking about another food processor, but eventually it clicked that I needed to ask a few questions. Once I was shown the TM31 in the kitchen and watched while the custard was being made, and I flicked through the recipe book, I just knew I not only wanted but I needed a machine!! I think, all things taken into account it has been one of the best investments (yes) that I have ever made. My daughter, who is 21, never knew where the kitchen was located. She happened to be around when the TM was delivered and ever since she has just about cooked every recipe in the Everyday Cookbook and we have enjoyed going to all the demonstrations. We buy every TM book we can lay our hands on, and we have now begun to convert our own recipes. She is now obsessed about cooking, and can't stop thinking about what she will make next. I can't believe it--what a blessing! All my kids cook with this wonderful machine, and invite their friends over for a meal  or nibbles they have cooked (and my husband just loves eating what we day, one day...) It takes pride of place in our kitchen, and I think the Government should give one to every person to combat obesity and lower the health budget. It has certainly made a difference to our lives. My friends keep asking me about the machine and what I have been doing with it lately, and how often I use it, etc. They want one, but because of the price they have held off and they are secretly waiting for me to tell them that I haven't used it for a while and its sitting in the cupboard...   :D :D :D 

Bread / Re: My standard loaf
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:09:07 pm »
Any ideas about needing the 2nd rising? When I made it, I sat the dough within baking paper (no butter but will try this if it helps) in the Romertopf in a sink full of water while it rose. Do you think it needs to be knocked down for a second rising? (I'm being a little lazy because I haven't had time to make it again doing a 2nd rising but want to make another loaf in the next few days when I get a chance). Paul, this was lovely using the molasses as well which is a nice variation and gives that lovely brown colour.  As a seasoned breakmaker, do you have any other bread recipes or is this the best one that you have come across so far and adapted?

Bread / Re: My standard loaf
« on: July 07, 2009, 11:32:14 am »
I made this using the Romertopf and it was simply scrumptious. Just wondering though if you should do a 2nd rising as it wasn't mentioned for the 2nd method? It made a lovely large loaf.

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