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Help - 'Fast and Easy Cooking' recipe fails!!! Carrot and coriander soup, and (adult) pea puree...

So, in reverse order - I made the pea puree from the thermomix booklet to the letter, expecting to end up with a nice smooth puree I could swish around one side of the plate with my scallops and pancetta: No, I got what I'd describe as quite a thin pea soup (so I poured it out, reserved a few tablespoons and blitzed them with a whole pack of peas that I quickly cooked, to get what I'd call a puree).

I tried the carrot and coriander soup today - again, to the letter - and I got what could best be described as a vaguely carrot flavoured dishwater. AND... the damn stuff was spurting out of the crack between the MC and the lid and scalding me when I was attempting to blitz it for the last minute at speed 9 (as directed). I ended up tipping in extra coriander, stock, sugar and lemon juice (on top of seasoning) as well as a heap of cornflour to thicken it up to something of a soup-like consistency.

Seriously disappointed with the recipes for hot food from their own book so far, any comments from anyone else who has used it??

Tips and Tricks / Tips on getting stuff out of the danged bowl???
« on: May 04, 2013, 12:21:35 pm »
OK, loving my new toy soooooo much - but does anyone have any useful tips on getting the delicious things I have cooked out of the TMX without leaving half of it in the bottom stuck under and around the blades?

I have been using a silicone spatula to try and curve under and around the blades at the bottom of the bowl, but it's quite annoying trying to get stuff out at the bottom (I suppose I could remove the blades and put up with spillage out of the hole?), what with all that luscious sorbet staring at me, and stubborn grains of risotto rice!

What do all you seasoned TMX owners do?!

Andrea :) x


just joined here, was looking at your recommended/reviewed cookbooks and stuff... and was just wondering which of the chefs from Britain get 'exported' to you via the goggle box and books?

Is Heston Blumenthal one? I reckon nearly everyone here must know who he is, and he has a few restaurants and cookbooks out, with what most people would consider to be quite 'avant garde' stuff (but which he's just nicked off Harold McGee, really!)

I'm a huge fan of cooking sous-vide, you'll never taste food so perfectly cooked, as food which is cooked at the optimum temperature all the way through - it's melt-in-the-mouth stuff, and I think Heston was the main introducer of this to the public - I actually bought a sous-vide machine before investing in a TMX, because you can't specify the exact temperature on a TMX, just choose from a selection, and I don't know how much love I can now divide between the two of them! Things like chicken, and salmon are out of this world and even scrambled eggs are a bit of a revelation!!

Thoughts, anyone?

Andrea  :)

Introduce Yourself / Sooooooo excited!!!
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:54:34 pm »
Finally, after years of lusting after a TMX, we'll be getting one delivered next Wednesday - I am sooooo excited!!!

Posting here from the UK (East Midlands), can't wait to start using my new kitchen helper - I am a bit of a gadget freak, and the TMX is going to be so at home here, next to the sous-vide supreme!

My only grip is what seems to be the lack of recipes I can find (apart from here, of course!) dedicated to the TMX - I like to cook at quite a high level, and experiment a lot, so if anyone can recommend any good resources for recipes (in English), I would be most indebted to you!

Oh, and Hi Everyone!!!

Andrea :) x

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