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Name of Recipe:  Salmorejo – not tested

This is normally served as a tapa, particularly in the Córdoba province of Spain.  If tomatoes are out of season, I make this with tinned ones.  JB

Tablespoons are European ones, ie, 3 teaspoons

Serves:  6

To garnish
4 hard-boiled eggs
100g Serrano ham, cut

2 large cloves garlic
1 kg very red and ripe tomatoes
1 tsp salt
200g approx. stale bread
30g vinegar
150g extra virgin olive oil

Put the eggs into the  *: and chop 2 seconds / Speed 4.  Remove and reserve.
Next, put the ham in the  *: and press the Turbo 4 or 5 times.  
Check the size and if you want it to be chopped more finely, press the Turbo 3 or 4 times more.  The time depends on how hard the ham is.  Remove from the bowl and reserve.
Without washing the  *:, add the garlic, tomatoes and salt 30 seconds / Speed 5.
Add the bread and vinegar 30 seconds / Speed 5 and 2 minutes / Speed 10.  The time will depend on the quality of the tomatoes.
Running on Speed 5, a pour the oil, little by little, onto the lid, without removing the MC, until it has finished emulsifying.
Finally, pour the salmorejo into a dish and refrigerate, until you are ready to serve.
A few minutes before, decorate with the ham and the eggs.  Serve very cold.

Tips/Hints:  If you wish, you can use 1.5 kg tomatoes and increase the other ingredients in proportion.  Also, you can make a salmorejo millefeuille, served between layers of fried, sliced aubergine.

Origin:  Translated from a recipe in Impescindible para tu cocina, which is the book you get when buying a Thermomix in Spain.
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