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Recipe Requests / Fudge Recipes without condensed milk
« on: December 19, 2017, 12:54:23 pm »
Hi everyone

I'm wanting a fudge recipe (preferably chocolate) for my daughter to make.  It shouldn't use condensed milk, as she would have to make that first to do so (lactose intolerance in the family means we can't have the canned stuff).   So we're looking for a recipe which uses cream and/or butter rather than condensed milk, please.

We have a TM5 now, which might make fudge easier???? (no idea, thought I'd heard this somewhere)

Can anyone help?

News about Thermomix / Re: Problems/errors with the TM5?
« on: March 23, 2017, 08:25:05 am »
I had a fault with the closing of the lid with mine. I thought it was just a rubbish lid design, which was very finicky, until it stopped working altogether!  Fortunately it was still within warranty and was fixed with no fuss at all. I was without Thermie for a week though, which was a bit traumatic. Since being back I realise how problem free the lid should have been! 

Non Food Recipes / Re: Shea Butter Lotion
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:28:49 pm »
Thanks Caroline for the recipe.Lovely to see you posting again.

Thanks 😀

Non Food Recipes / Re: Lemon Rosemary Lip Balm
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:27:30 pm »
I wonder why citrus oils shouldn't be worn in the sun? I guess there is a very good reason.

They are photosensitive, so your lips (or whatever part of your body has the citrus oils on) are likely to burn badly in strong sun.

Non Food Recipes / Lemon Rosemary Lip Balm
« on: October 31, 2016, 06:15:51 pm »
I got this recipe from

I made it last winter and it was very successful.  I will make it again.

1/2c. (125 ml)  almond oil (or other base oil)
2 tbsp beeswax
1 tsp vitamin E oil
15 drops lemon essential oil*
15 drops rosemary essential oil
1 tbsp castor oil (optional, if you want a bit of shine)

* citrus oils should not be worn in the sun.  Adding carrot and/or raspberry seed oils adds SPF factor of 28-50.


In Thermomix combine the almond oil and beeswax until melted. 50 / 4 mins / speed 3

Once melted, remove the bowl from heat and add in vitamin E oil, lemon, and rosemary essential oils. If you want a bit of gloss to your balm, add 1 tbsp of castor oil.  If you want some colour, add a little beetroot powder, cocoa powder, etc.

Mix together and pour into lip balm tubes or little pots. Let sit until cool and solidified.

I used a mix of almond oil, marigold oil, coconut oil, and jojoba in mine.  They melted too easily for use in the summer, but were great in the winter.  For summer use I would increase the level of beeswax I think - unless someone with more experience than me has something better to recommend?  Carnauba wax, perhaps??

Non Food Recipes / Shea Butter Lotion
« on: October 31, 2016, 06:10:48 pm »
I got this recipe from

I was originally trying to find a natural eczema cream for DD2, but have gone on to make this into my go to body lotion, a replacement for Aqueas cream for DD2's bathtime  (I've probably spelled that wrongly), and making a thinner version which goes into a pump dispenser (previously liquid soap dispenser) to use after washing hands.

I also use it as an intensive face moisturiser once or twice a week, with great results.

It can be made substantially thinner by simply using more water and glycerine.  I make it richer for DD2 by making it as is, or by sticking to the richer, slower to absorb oils.  I make it lighter and more quickly absorbed for my daily use by including hemp oil, apricot oil and grapeseed oil to replace some of the coconut (or sometimes just in addition to). 

It has proven to be very versatile and forgiving, allowing me to mess about with it successfully.  Next time I'm going to boil some marigold flowers for a while, and then use the water from that as the 'filtered water', as marigold is very healing for sensitive skin.

Anyway, here goes with the original version:

(makes 200g)

Water Phase

130g distilled water.
5g vegetable glycerin.

Oil Phase

10g shea butter (any kind).
20g fractionated coconut oil.
10g sweet almond oil.
10g emulsifying wax.
Cool Down Phase

1g preservative (Im using Vitamin E oil, and I just squeeze a splosh in).
10 drops lavender essential oil or other skin-safe fragrance (optional.  I don't add any in DD2's jar, only in mine.  So I stir it through at the end after I've poured 1 jar off).


To start you want a very clean Thermomix so that there is no contamination. She washes hery Thermomix bowl with 100ml of vinegar and 500ml of water and heat on Varoma, 5mins, Sp 4.  If I've just taken it out of the Dishwasher then I don't bother.  If it's been sat there, or used for something else, then I do.

Place the filtered water and glycerin in the TM bowl.  Heat to 70'/2 minutes/Sp 3

Pour into empty jug until needed.

Add oil phase ingredients to TM bowl making sure the wax pellets aren't sitting on the blades (or they won't melt). Heat to 70 for 2 minutes, Sp 3.

Insert butterfly and place lid on top with MC inverted.  Start your Thermomix at 5mins/70'/Sp 4. 

Slowly pour the water phase onto the top of the lid.  When you are adding the water, add it slowly to start with and then you can speed it up, just like a mayonnaise.  You want it all to mix for another couple of minutes after you have incorporated all of the water.

When it is finished it is very runny, nothing like a cream.  Don't fear!  Pour it into your sterilised containers and let it set with the lid off. 

Make sure you wash your bowl, lid, MC and butterfly in hot soapy water immediately. When I make moisturiser I actually pop these all (minus the blades) in the dishwasher (after running my finger round and using the 'scrapings' to rub into my arms, hands and legs - waste not want not :) )

It is best to keep your cream away from sunlight and only use clean hands to dip into it.

It's a bit like whipped cream when it sets, and it's lovely.

These are the original lady's comments:

You can add some essential oils into the oil phase if you like but I don't.  I add mine after.

I often make a batch, or a double batch, pour and let it set. Then I doctor up each little jar to suit the end purpose or recipient. 

For example, I make several small jars for my children simply to use as a carrier for their essential oil blends.  I have one for sleeping, one for mosquito bites, one for studying etc.  They each have a little first aid kit in their bedrooms.

  Then I make up a cream for my husband, it is scented with more masculine oils. 

Into my own I love to add some of the more nourishing oils like rosehip and camellia with some essential oils like lavender, orange and rosemary.

TMX notes came from

It's slightly greasy, but amazingly moisturising.

Could you still use either though Marina?

Hi Judy, hope you're well.  You could use either if all you're looking for is a nice smell.  However, if you also want the therapeutic / germ fighting effects of Essential oils, then it's essential  ;) to use Essential oils.

Take care.

Main Dishes / Re: Dan's Shepherd's Pie
« on: May 18, 2016, 04:56:31 pm »
I made this for dinner tonight. I didn't have any gravy granules (and don't really know what they are) so I used cornflour instead. My family really liked this and Ll went back for seconds. Personally, I found it a little sweet, but once I'd smothered it in chilli sauce,  I enjoyed it too

It's never seemed sweet to me - perhaps it's a different personal taste thing, or a different type of chutney. But I'm wondering as I type this whether I've typoed too large an amount of chutney in the recipe???  I'll go and double check now!

UPDATE:  no, the quantities look ok.  I use a level tablespoon when I make it. Must be a personal taste or type of chutney thing. I'm always using a very savoury chutney.

Main Dishes / Re: Dan's Shepherd's Pie
« on: October 31, 2015, 08:33:07 am »
We're all doing very well, thanks Cookie. But very busy!  I didn't realise how long it was since I'd visited you all until I logged on yesterday. I like the new look of the forum, by the way - but it probably hasn't been 'new' for a long time  ;D

Main Dishes / Re: Easiest Ever Coconut Chicken Curry (with photo)
« on: October 30, 2015, 12:15:14 pm »
I like the look of this, Snappy. I'm going to give it a try and see if I can get my 5 year old to eat it!

Main Dishes / Re: Dan's Shepherd's Pie
« on: October 30, 2015, 12:12:08 pm »
I was searching all over for this and couldn't find it. I should have born in mind when searching that I'm obsessive about possessive apostrophes when I'm not on the iPad LOL.

I'm going to make a double batch in the slow cooker using tmx to grate veggies, then experiment with different toppings when I split it into pies. I thought I'd do one with sweet potato, and one with carrot and swede mash. I'll let you know what they're like - or whether it's better to stick with the traditional potato.

UPDATE:  all the variations were very nice, but our favourite is the usual potato

Cakes / Re: Thermomix Boiled Fruit Cake
« on: August 29, 2014, 11:54:23 pm »
I made this today using the mc as the measure and made a double quantity of the mix which made a normal size fruit cake. I used spelt flour, Gogi berries, apricots, dates, raisins and walnuts. A little slice of heaven!  This is a recipe that will be a fixture.

Recipe Requests / Re: Recipes for brown sugar
« on: April 06, 2014, 03:40:38 pm »
Thanks so much for the ideas, ladies.  Your tips are very helpful cookie, I'll bear them in mind. I was just wondering whether I could get away with it in chocolate cake, so there's my answer  :)

Recipe Requests / Recipes for brown sugar
« on: April 04, 2014, 06:09:18 pm »
Hi everyone. My father in law arrived with a huge bag of both dark and light soft brown sugar, and another of unrefined granulated sugar. I don't have the storage for it all, so thought it was a great excuse to stock the cake tin/ freezer with some yummy things.

Does anyone have any favourite recipes which they'd recommend which use brown sugar?

Ooh, this is such a classic German comfort food. I haven't eaten it in years, but seeing your recipe has suddenly made me miss it. I'm going to make it this weekend as a treat :-)

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