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Suggestions and Complaints / Mincing meat problem
« on: April 20, 2011, 10:55:58 pm »
Have had my thermomix for about a month now and absolutely love it. My family has always killed for leftovers the next day and the past week I have had a few issues as I am becoming more adventurous.

1.  Did bolagnaise sauce last night and for the first time used my own meat to mince.  I used rump steak and the mince looked ok except for the fact it does not combine sinew very well at all.......a good mince has to have a certain amount of fat in it but it seems that even a bit of sinew does not process very well.  On cooking, the sauce looked OK but on eating it my family all gave it a thumbs down.  I couldnt eat mine at all as the slightest bit of gristle turns my stomach.  I have worked in butchers shops before and it seems the consistency of the mince was not the same as a mincing machine.  My only option seems to be to buy fillet steak to mince which i wont do.

2.  Made the beef stroganoff from the book and added all the tweaking that was suggested in this forum and it was horrible. I make stroganoff all the time and the real flavour comes from the browning of the meat.  It seems this recipe is more a "stewing" type of process and there is no flavour.
Don't get me wrong, I love my thermomix.  I am making soups all the time, fantastic rice, great for steaming veges, great dips, pastry and cakes, LSA and the list goes on but I am very disappointed with the mincer and I think there are some dishes that it probably cant duplicate....beef stroganoff being one of them.

Any ideas

Introduce Yourself / Excited new owner
« on: April 15, 2011, 10:58:06 pm »
Hi, my name is Janet and I have had my new thermomix for about 3 weeks and my only complaint is that I am spending my whole day cooking and washing and rewashing my thermomix ;D

I am still getting used to the whole converting thing and have my varoma demo in about two weeks so I will hopefully just improve and improve.

Just a quick question...with varoma steamed veges....Normally in my own saucepan I would put either carrots or pumpkin on the bottom so I can mash them and then in the steamer on top I would add broccoli, beans, zuchinni etc.  How can I convert this to my thermo? I do not want boiled out carrots in the bowl and I do not want to pick carrots out from the top after cooking......any ideas? ???

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