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Festive Seasons / Re: Salted Caramel Fudge
« Last post by Amanda Gee on Today at 03:09:13 am »
with over 70000 view i think i am going to have to bite the bullet and make this...
Chit Chat / Re: Anything goes for Uni
« Last post by mab19 on Today at 02:28:38 am »
Good morning everyone.  Hope everyone in SA is ok.  Raining here but nothing like SA.
Chit Chat / Re: SA Weather
« Last post by judydawn on Today at 12:48:08 am »
Thanks for your report Sue, it's interesting hearing everyone's stories. 
Chit Chat / Re: SA Weather
« Last post by EmeraldSue on Today at 12:12:28 am »
Wow, what a day! Yesterday started off warm and sunny and it was hard to believe that storms were coming.  Come they did, and by the time I got the kids from school it was cold, wet and dark. We walked into the house about 4pm and the power went out. It was ok at first and the kids went out into the street with their friends and had fun playing in the puddles and the rain and throwing water at each other.
Problem was that we had no hot water for them to have a warm shower afterwards.
We have gas hot plates, so I chopped up and marinated some chicken and prepared some veggies before it got dark.  We also found our candles and played some board games. DH came home early and had an interesting drive home with no traffic lights working.
Some of our neighbours came over and we opened some wine. We listened to the radio and tried to find out why the whole state had lost power and when it would be likely to come back on. As the evening wore on, we also lost mobile phone coverage. Our neighbours stayed for dinner as they didn't have any way to cook their planned roast. I cooked stir fried chicken and noodles by torchlight and we ate by candlelight. We played some card games and went to bed with the power still off.
I woke up around midnight as the lights suddenly came on as the power had been restored. The front garden is partly under water and my tomato plants have fallen over, but overall we have got off lightly so far. It's still wet, rainy and windy and is expected to continue all day.
Chit Chat / Re: A Very Happy Birthday to a Very Special Lady.
« Last post by judydawn on Today at 12:02:42 am »
Yes I'm still here girls LOL.  Thanks for your messages and concern.
Hi Kim, that's a common problem and a lot of people have 2 lids - 1 for desserts and 1 for savoury dishes.  However in time the stain will fade but I understand how using a borrowed machine you are wanting to hand it back clean.

This from Quirky Jo's website although depending on where you live, there may not be a lot of sunshine around at the moment.

Quirky Cooking
2 August 2013
{Top Tip!} Having trouble getting turmeric stains out of your Thermomix lid or seal? Here's a tip from a reader on Twitter: "Turmeric stain is unstable in sunlight. Leave things on the window ledge to degrade the colour." Thanks Martin!
I also find after a few washes the stain fades. (Then I go and do it again. Love turmeric
Chit Chat / Re: Anything goes for Uni
« Last post by thermilover on September 28, 2016, 11:55:29 pm »
Good Morning everyone!! Hope everyone is okay in SA, it seems NSW is next in line for the storm..
Heavy rains have already started, just hoping it doesnt get worse..
Chit Chat / Re: Anything goes for Uni
« Last post by judydawn on September 28, 2016, 11:46:10 pm »
Good morning everyone, still experiencing this dreadful weather and hoping no more power outages because of it. Many still without power.  I feel sorry for the SES workers having to clean up and fix problems plus cope with the conditions as well.
Chit Chat / Re: What are you cooking today?
« Last post by judydawn on September 28, 2016, 11:42:57 pm »
Cute biscuits astarra, did the girls help you - there would have been lots of re-rolling and cutting going on.
Chit Chat / Re: What have you been doing today?
« Last post by judydawn on September 28, 2016, 11:41:24 pm »
That looks like Oscar way up there in the tree I think Katj.  Jilly taught him well Chookie, I hope he found it easy to get down and Ral didn't have to go up there to rescue him LOL.

Your afternoon shift would be greatly appreciated by DD Katj.  How kids love making caves and tents inside with blankets, my GD did it quite often but the little fellow never did.
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