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March 04, 2015, 06:57:46 am

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 on: Today at 06:48:00 am 
Started by CarolineW - Last post by cookie1
You have been busy JulieO

I've  made some bread for DH while we are away, so he doesn't have to eat the tasteless super market stuff and some Cho Chip cookies.

 on: Today at 06:43:04 am 
Started by maddy - Last post by CreamPuff63
just gorgeous JO - I think you will turn heads

 on: Today at 05:23:53 am 
Started by Tasty - Last post by miliotisa
I've been trying to find that book since october. Doesn't look like they will be getting more in:(

 on: Today at 04:08:16 am 
Started by CarolineW - Last post by JulieO
I cleaned out the fridge today and I had so much veg that needed using up soon that I decided to make a big pot of veg soup instead of what I was going to make for dinner.
I had to use a casserole pot on the stove top as the quantity was too much to use the TM.  I used some home made chicken stock plus some water as the liquid and added a couple of cubes of umami paste.
I pureed in the TM in 3 batches at the end and have poured the extra into freezer cups for DH to take to work whenever.  Feels good that the veg didn't go to waste.  Cheesy

Have also made a start on yoghurt which is now in the incubator until the morning where I will then drain it to make into Greek style. Have been using more yoghurt lately in breakfasts more than anything and am looking forward to trying Judy's blueberry jar one in the next couple of days.  Cheesy

Finally, I made a double batch of Michelle Bridges world's best muesli this morning.  It's the first muesli I've made that doesn't have rolled oats in the ingredient list.  Really nice and makes for a quick breakfast.  Cheesy

 on: Today at 03:55:20 am 
Started by maddy - Last post by JulieO
That would be a different look Gert  Grin

 on: Today at 03:38:48 am 
Started by achookwoman - Last post by Halex
thanks chookie and bedlam. Will look for the other sauces.

cp loves this with spag bol.

 on: Today at 03:31:38 am 
Started by maddy - Last post by cookie1
I found that out in Broome many years ago.  Grin

In my shoes!

 on: Today at 02:54:40 am 
Started by maddy - Last post by Gertbysea
Love them Julie. If you had leather pants up here you could watch the mould grow at the moment. LOL!


 on: Today at 02:37:42 am 
Started by isi - Last post by judydawn
Ha ha, she was spot on cookie.

 on: Today at 02:27:59 am 
Started by maddy - Last post by JulieO
Thankyou Judy and Cookie, you are such lovelies!  Cheesy

Wonder I bought them from Ezibuy, no hassle returns if they don't fit or are not what you want.   Smiley

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