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Chit Chat / Re: Anything goes for Uni
« Last post by Cornish Cream on Today at 04:22:04 pm »
Hi friends.
It's been raining and it's still cold.

Oh dear.Never mind. I think we have all done something similar.
Chit Chat / Re: Oops........................................... photos
« Last post by cookie1 on Today at 12:17:29 pm »
Me too and no baby brain here. I have turned the oven on to heat many times and I've had something in there. Quite often a cake tin, some of mine aren't aluminium and I put them in there to dry completely.

Don't worry Thermilover, although I don't think it can be resurrected.
Chit Chat / Re: Anything goes for Uni
« Last post by cookie1 on Today at 12:14:35 pm »
Very sad news about the attack in London this afternoon.Some people's lives have been destroyed by a maniac.
It's very concerning and such a worry.
Been there done that!
Easily done thermilover, baby brain or not!
News about Thermomix / Re: Problems/errors with the TM5?
« Last post by cookie1 on Today at 09:04:00 am »
Hi CarolineW. I'm glad it was fixed. It's good to be aware of these things.
Looks like my baby brains are in action, had a very bad oooopps moment today..
So basically I turned the oven on to 200 deg to bake some chips and ended up with this :(

I had to put the bowl with yogurt in a warm place and stupid me, didnt take it out before switching on the oven :(((
News about Thermomix / Re: Problems/errors with the TM5?
« Last post by CarolineW on Today at 08:25:05 am »
I had a fault with the closing of the lid with mine. I thought it was just a rubbish lid design, which was very finicky, until it stopped working altogether!  Fortunately it was still within warranty and was fixed with no fuss at all. I was without Thermie for a week though, which was a bit traumatic. Since being back I realise how problem free the lid should have been! 
Recipe Requests / Re: Hotel room cooking
« Last post by cookie1 on Today at 03:10:27 am »
I'm afraid I haven't been able to find the book I made up for caravan recipes Lemongrass. I thought I had found it on the computer but that was just the cover I made up for it. What I did was simply go through meals I knew were nice and copy them. (ones that were easily made in the thermomix)

I'm at a loss as to where it is, not happy either as I don't really want to do it again. Although now adays I have my ipad with me so can use that.
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